Vermilion River Branch
Activity Report to Council

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2001 / 2002

Branch Executive

Trent Cherry, P.Eng.

Past Chair:
Barry Ranger, P.Eng.

Vice Chair:
Jim Sweeney, P.Eng.

Sloane Dieken, P.Eng.

Prof Dev Coord:
Kevin Thomas, P.Eng.

Technical Coord:

Members at Large:

Tim Benko,P.Eng.
Kathryn Cramer,E.I.T.
Krista Howe, E.I.T.
Chris Ketchum, E.I.T.
Sheldon Stark, E.I.T.
DíArcy Wooldridge, E.I.T.





Since the last APEGGA Council Meeting, the following activities have taken place in the Vermilion River Branch:

Executive Meetings:

Branch executive meetings were held in Lloydminster on December 10th,2001 and January 21st, 2002.

Student Outreach:

Waiting on Teacher Award nominations to be distributed for evaluation. Working on tracking spreadsheet for branch student awards. The school system in Lloydminster, is Saskatchewan based and schools are closed during N.E.W. As such plans to hold a science olympics similar to Grande Prairie have been postponed until 2003.


Bank balance of $1083.16 with $37.00 petty cash. Financial statement was presented to auditors at January 21st meeting. A disbursement will be requested upon submittal of financial statement to offset expected expenses from Branch Presidentís Visit, AGM, and Professional Member Induction Ceremony.

Events Held :

The 1st Annual Pool Social Night was held November 28th with a turnout of 28 people.


The next executive meeting has been set for February 25th in Lloydminster. Plans are underway for planning the AGM and Presidentís Visit. Nomination forms and AGM mailouts will be sent to APEGGA for distribution by February 15th.