Vermilion River Branch
Activity Report to Council

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Branch Executive

Trent Cherry, P.Eng.

Past Chair:
Barry Ranger, P.Eng.

Vice Chair:
Jim Sweeney, P.Eng.

Sloane Dieken, P.Eng.

Kathryn Cramer, M.I.T.

Prof Dev Coord:
Kevin Thomas, P.Eng.

Technical Coord:
Greg Calpas, P.Eng.

Members at Large:
Scott Arndt, M.I.T.

Louis Brisson, M.I.T.

Grace Satre, P.Eng.

Sheldon Stark, M.I.T.

D'Arcy Wooldridge, M.I.T.

Jim Zeibin, P.Eng.

Since the last APEGGA Council Meeting, the following activities have taken place in the Vermilion River Branch:

Executive Meetings:

A branch executive meeting was held on October 19, 2000 in Lloydminster. Items discussed included: Fall newsletter; National Engineering Week; program for 2000/2001; membership database.

Student Outreach:

Continuing to finalize arrangements for 1999/2000 Teacher Award dinner.

A list of contact names for local schools is being compiled to assist in future Student Outreach activities.

Events Held:
No events have been held since last report.


Newsletter sent to head office for distribution on November 9 including "Contest Corner". Requested items with APEGGA logo for utilization at upcoming events.


The next executive meeting has been set for November 27.

On November 29, the first technical presentation for 2000/2001 will be held with presenter Bob Gartshore of Syncrude on Growth and Opportunity in Alberta's Oil Sands.

President's Visit/AGM/New Member Induction Ceremony to be held January 31, 2001. Invitations to be sent to appropriate local dignitaries (MLA's, school board directors, etc.).

In April 2001, it is tentatively planned to hold a tour, in conjuction with Lakeland Branch, of the Imperial Oil thermal facilities in Cold Lake area.