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Chair: Mr. D.H. (Dave) Rumbold, P.Eng.
Past Chair : Dr. J.A. (Jim) Gilliland, P.Eng
Members: Ms. J. (Jennifer) Byrnes, P.Eng.
  Mr. V.N.S. (Vincent) Chiew, P.Eng.
Mr. L.C. (Lyle) Hobbs, P.Eng.
  Mr. M.G. (Michael) Martens, P.Eng.
Mr. K.I. (Ken) Mitchell, P.Geoph.
Mr. J.R.G. (Rick) Prentice, P.Eng.
  Mr. D.J. (John) Shaddick, P.Eng.
Executive Director's designate responsible for committee:

Mr. G. (George) Lee

Terms of Reference

Purpose: To advise and assist the Executive Director or designate in carrying out the Association's mission and strategic plan by developing and monitoring the Association's communication directed at members, government leaders, public opinion leaders, educators, students and the general public.

I Program Goals

1. Enhance the image of the professions and APEGGA and their value to society.

2. Identify and advise on the use of effective means of communication with stakeholders.

3. Identify resources required to communicate the Association's communication goals and activities.

II Committee Activities

1. Develop communications plans, procedures, and publication guidelines taking into account the Association's strategic plan, current issues of concern and feedback from members.

2. Provide for effective use of financial and volunteer resources, and co-operative arrangements with other interested parties in the development and implementation of communication activities. Identify subcommittee or task force needed to undertake required tasks.

3. Monitor the progress of implementation and the effectiveness of communication plans, policies, and procedures.
Communications Planning Committee

III Committee Structure and Operations

1. The committee is comprised of a Chair and other members as required to carry out committee activities and represent a broad spectrum of the APEGGA constituency.

2. To assist with the communication activities, the Communications Planning Committee is comprised of three subcommittees: Electronic Communications; Internal Communications (will also serve as the PEGG Editorial Board); and External Communications.

3. The Chair and committee members are appointed by the Executive Director or designate in consultation with the outgoing Chair.

4. Appointments are normally for three years with approximately one-third being replaced each year.

5. The Chair normally serves a one year term followed by a year as Past Chair.

6. The committee reports to the Executive Director or designate.

Approved by Council on September 21, 2000