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Chair: Mr. S.T. (Shiraz) Kanji, P.Eng.
Past Chair: Mr. R.G. (Richard) Farrand, P.Eng.
Members: Mr. E.H. (Ed) Kozinski, P.Eng.
Dr. F. (Fayi) Zhou, P.Eng.
Dr. Ahmed Idriss, P.Eng.
Dr. Fayi Zhou, P.Eng.
Executive Director's designates responsible for committee:
Mr. L.A. (Len) Shrimpton, P.Eng.
Ms. S. (Shirley) Layne, CMP

Terms of Reference

I Major Objective

To plan and implement District functions in Edmonton which will facilitate communication among Edmonton members and between APEGGA members and Council on matters complementary to the purpose and goals of APEGGA.

II Specific Goals

1. To arrange a program of District meetings using speakers that appeal and add value to a broad cross-section of the engineering, geology and geophysics membership in the District while enhancing the image of the Association in the eyes of the members and the public.

2. To assist APEGGA committees and task forces in organizing meetings or events which are conducted to gather and exchange information on APEGGA issues between the membership and Council.

3. To provide regular opportunities for the transaction of Association business.

III Principal Activities

1. Review activities of Council and other committees for information on the activities and direction that affect the members at large.

2. Develop an annual program for the Committee consistent with its mandate and resources.

3. Conduct District meetings and issue forums, assigning Committee members to the tasks of Meeting Chair and others as appropriate to the event.

4. Arrange for speakers, publicity, facilities, meals and equipment as required for each meeting.

5. Solicit meeting evaluations from members, analyze and make recommendations.

6. Initiate and support activities, events and communication vehicles which will stimulate interest and participation in the Association.

IV Structure and Operation

1. The Committee is comprised of a Chair, Past Chair and approximately eight other members.

2. Appointments to the Committee are normally for three years with approximately one-third retiring each year.

3. In the event subcommittees are formed, members from outside the Committee are invited to participate in order that the perspective and interest in the work of the Committee is broadened.

4. Ideally, Committee members should represent a broad spectrum of the APEGGA constituency - engineering, geology and geophysics; professional members and MITs; employers and employees; and members from industry, government and universities.

5. Committee meetings are normally held monthly from September through June except December.

6. Budgeted expenditures including special and normal Committee operating expenses are to be reviewed by the Committee before submission to the Finance Committee and subsequently to Council.

7. The Committee Chair or designate should attend Council meetings as an observer whenever Council meets in Edmonton.

8. The Committee is accountable to the Executive Director.