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Chair Mr. A.R. (Al) Schulz, P.Eng.
Members: Ms. E. (Elisabeth) Dupuis, P.Eng.
Mr. L.M. (Les) Johnston, P.Eng.
Mr. J.F. (Joe) Kostler, P.Eng.
Mr. D.P. (Dennis) Langen, P.Eng.
Dr. L. (Edwin ) Liem, P.Eng.
Mr. W.S. (William) Macdonald, P.Eng.
  Mr. J. (Jim) MacPherson, P.Eng.
Mr. F.J. (Frank) Scheibli, P.Geol.
Mr. (David E.) Reid, P.Biol.
Ms. K.R. (Karen) Ziegler, P.Eng.
Executive Director's designate responsible for committee:
Mr. R.G. (Ray) Chopiuk, P.Eng.


Terms of Reference

Purpose: To advise and assist the Executive Director (or designate) in ensuring that APEGGA is aware of and appropriately responding to environmental trends and issues.

I Program Goals

1. Identify environmental trends and issues.

2. Formulate appropriate Association responses to trends and issues.

3. Promote the integration of environmental considerations in APEGGA and member activities.

II Committee Activities

1. Monitor environmental trends and issues.

2. Develop appropriate environmental strategies and actions.

3. Provide leadership in implementing environmental strategies and actions.

III Committee Structure and Operations

1. The committee is comprised of a Chair and other members as required to carry out the committee activities.

2. Committee members should represent a broad spectrum of the APEGGA constituency with particular interest in environmental matters. Committee members may be appointed from outside of APEGGA to provide well-rounded advice. At least sixty percent of the committee members and the Chair shall be APEGGA members.

Environment Committee

3. The Chair and committee members are appointed by the Executive Director (or designate) in consultation with the outgoing Chair.

4. Appointments are normally for three years, with approximately one-third being replaced each year.

5. The committee reports to the Executive Director (or designate).

Approved by Council on September 21, 2000