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Chair: (2001) Mr. H.D. (Dale) Miller, P.Eng.
Council Ms. J.A. (Julie) Aitken, P.Geoph.
Mr. M.E. (Mike) Koziol, P.Eng.
Mr. R.P. (Ron) Triffo, P.Eng.
Public Member: Ms. J. (Judy) Williams
Staff: Mr. H.N. (Neil) Windsor, P.,Eng.

Terms of Reference

Purpose To advise Council on matters relating to governance of the Association and effectiveness of Council and the Executive Director and Registrar in meeting the stated objectives within the policies and means limitations approved by Council.

I Specific Goals

1. Review Terms of Reference to ensure appropriateness.

2. Carry out annual Performance Evaluation of Executive Director as outlined in the Governance Manual.

3. Present current governance model to Council annually so roles and expectations are understood.

4. Evaluate effectiveness of all stakeholders of governance model
- Council
- Executive Director
- Executive Committee

5. Review the appropriateness of the governance model and recommend changes required

II Structure and Operations

1. The Committee is comprised of the 1st Vice-President as Chair, plus one Public Member and one first, second, and third year Councillor, both of whom are appointed by the Chair. The Executive Director and Registrar is the staff resource person.

2. Appointments are for a one-year term.

3. The Committee reports to Council.

Chair: Ron Tenove, P.Eng.
Members: Andy Gilliland, Ron Triffo, P.Eng., Brenda Wright, P.Eng., Norman Wagner
Staff: Neil Windsor, P.Eng.

Approved by Council on September 14, 2001