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Chair: Mr. H. (Hans) Wiesner, P. Eng.
Past Chair: Dr. P. (Peter) Cain, P. Eng.
  Mr. T.J. (Timothy) Cartmell, P.Eng.
  Ms. M. L. (Mary) Cowling, P. Eng.
  Mr. M. (Memet) Kont, P.Geol.
  Dr. R. P. W. (Ron) Lawson, P. Eng.
  Mr. D. T. (Dean) Mullin, P. Eng.
  Ms. M.R. (Maria) Sporea, P.Eng.
  Mr. Dean Strashok, LL.B., P.Geol.
  Mr. B.C. (Brad) Smid, E.I.T.
Executive Director's designate responsible for committee:
  Mr. R.J. (Ross) Plecash, P.Eng.

Terms of Reference

Purpose To advise and assist the Executive Director or designate in carrying out the Association's program to enhance professional pride and the stature of the professions by recognizing the accomplishments of members of the Association, non-members and projects which had input and/or direction from members.

l Program Goals

1. To honour members of the Association who have achieved distinction in their services to the professions, to the Association, and to society.

2. To honour non-members of the Association who have rendered eminent service to the professions.

3. To recognize the academic achievement of university students in engineering, geology, and geophysics and those seeking dual degrees in education and physical sciences.

4. Through sponsorship of scholarships to encourage high school, junior college and technical institute students with required aptitudes to enter the professions of engineering, geology and geophysics.

ll Committee Activities

1. Solicitation, evaluation, selection, and recognition of University Entrance, Graduate, and Education recipients.

2. By delegation to the Alberta universities and colleges the evaluation, selection and recognition of Transfer Scholarships and Undergraduate Medals and Scholarship recipients.

3. Solicitation, evaluation and recommendation of the APEGGA Summit Award recipients. (Recognition is the responsibility of the Summit Awards Planning Committee.)

4. Recommend nominees for the CCPE Awards.

5. Determination of suitability of awards by other organizations which would bring recognition to the Association through awards to APEGGA members, and forwarding or encouraging the forwarding of nominees to the sponsoring body.

6. Continued monitoring of the suitability of awards criteria in light of changing circumstances, proposing of revisions and new awards, and deletion of awards where deemed appropriate.

lll Committee Structure and Operation

1. The committee is comprised of a Chair and about ten members representing a cross-section of the professions.

2. The Chair and committee members are appointed by the Executive Director or designate in consultation with the outgoing Chair.

3. Appointments are normally for three years, with approximately one-third being replaced each year. The Chair holds office for one year.

4. The committee reports to the Executive Director or designate.

5. Notification of the scholarship and award winners to the membership shall be through The PEGG and other communication methods, and to Council by the Executive Director or his designate.

6. Recommended recipients of the APEGGA Summit Awards are presented to Council for decision by the Executive Director or designate.

Approved by Council on September 13, 2002