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Co-Chairs: Mr. C.J. (Chris) Wade, P.Eng.
Mr. J. (John) Rockliff, MAAA
AAA Members: Mr. J.A. (James) Dykes, MAAA
Mr. D.A. (David) Roth, MAAA
Mr. G. (Gordon) Thorkelsson, MAAA
APEGGA Members: Mr. I.W. (Ian) Kermack, P.Eng.
Mr. H. (Herb) Kuehne, P.Eng.
Mr. K. (Ken) Maskell, P.Eng.
AAA Staff Ms. N. (Nurjehan) Jamal
Executive Director's designate responsible for board:
Mr. D.S. (Stewart) McIntosh, P.Eng.


Terms of Reference

Rationale for Joint Board

  • desirability for close structured liaison between AAA and APEGGA
  • independent vehicle for mediation of disputes
  • Board is a requirement of the Alberta Government Organization Act (schedule 8)

Recommended Membership of Joint Board

Four Architects

- individuals who, through their practices, have regular contact with consulting engineers

Four Engineers

- individuals who, through their practices, have regular contact with architects

- appointed by APEGGA with input from CEA


- two joint Chairs to be appointed from the Board membership, one from each profession

- in the event of dispute resolution requirements, an external Chair to be appointed on an "as required" basis

Proposed Activities of the Joint Board

  • as described in the Organization Act, but with increased attention to matters of joint or public interest which fall outside the areas of single seals and joint firms.

Possible agenda:

  • interrelationship of professions of architecture and engineering
  • fee guidelines for buildings
  • conditions of engagement and payment of subconsultants
  • design-build
  • promotion of professions

Approved by Council on September 21, 2000