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Chair: Mr. H.D. (Dale) Miller, P.Eng.
Observer: Mr. R.S. (Ron) Tenove, P.Eng.
Members: Dr. M.E. (Elizabeth) Cannon, P.Eng.
  Mr. A.T. (Allan) Davies, P.Eng.
Mr. A. (Anast) Demitt, P.Eng.
Mr. L.P. (Leo) Flaman, P.Eng.
Mr. J. (Jim) Henderson, P.Geoph.

Ms. E.G. (Elaine) Honsberger, P.Geoph.

Mr. J.A. (Tony) Howard, P.Eng.
Mr. J.L. (Jamie) Marriott, P.Eng.
Mr. G.S. (Shawn) McKeown, P.Eng.
Mr. D.J. (Don) McLeod, P.Eng.
Mr. K.H. (Kim) Ng, P.Eng.
Ms. D.E. (Diana) Purdy, P.Geol.
  Mr. J.G. (Jay) Ramotar, P.Eng.
  Mr. G.G. (Grant) Smith, P.Geol.
  Ms. P.K. (Kim) Sturgess, P.Eng.
  Ms. L.C. (Linda) Van Gastel, P.Eng.
  Mr. C.J. (Chris) Wade, P.Eng.
  Mr. E.P. (Ted) Webb, P.Eng.
  Dr. G.D. (Gordon) Williams, P. Geol.

Terms of Reference

I Major Objective

To provide to the membership the best possible slate of potential candidates for election to Council.

II Specific Goals

Select candidates for Council who have demonstrated understanding of the fundamental purpose and role of an elected Council and who can provide the best possible potential for providing visionary leadership and governance of the professions.

Select candidates for vice-president from those eligible who can provide leadership to the Council.

III Principal Activities

Prepare for a nominating meeting by reviewing the process and selection criteria.

From resources provided such as eligibility lists, committee volunteer service records and personal knowledge of APEGGA members, prepare a priorized list of contacts for potential candidates.

IV Structure and Method of Operation

The Association Bylaws under Election of Council state:

"2 A nominating committee shall be appointed at the annual meeting to serve for the ensuing year. The Committee shall consist of a minimum of 11 professional members of the Association, 1 of who shall be the retiring president, who shall be the Chair. Council shall fill any vacancies which may occur in this nominating committee.
Nominating Committee

3(1) Not less than 150 days prior to the annual meeting the nominating committee shall submit to the Executive Director a list of nominees for Council, which shall include at least 1 nominee for president, 3 nominees for vice-president, and at least 3 more nominees for councillors than there are vacancies to be filled on Council.

(2) Nominees for president or vice-president shall have served at least 1 year on the Council.

4(1) The nominating committee, in selecting nominees, shall give due consideration to the composition of the Council as required by the Act, regulations and bylaws and to the geographical distribution and field of practice of the nominees.

(2) The written consent of the nominees to act if elected shall be secured and shall accompany the list of nominees submitted to the Executive Director.

(3) Not less than 120 days prior to the annual meeting the Executive Director shall distribute to each professional member, either directly by mail or via the Association publication known as the PEGG, a list of the nominations made by the nominating committee."

  • The term of service of a nominating committee member shall be two years, with approximately 1/2 of the members being reappointed each year

  • The committee shall meet as needed to build adequate awareness of their responsibilities and to discharge the prime function

  • The incoming committee Chair (the serving president) shall attend as an observer

Approved by Council on September 21, 2000