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Chair: Dr. D.G. (Don) Bellow, P.Eng.
Members: Mr. T.W. (Tom) Chambers, P.Eng.
Mr. N.A. (Noel) Cleland, P.Eng.
Mr. J.S. (Jim) Denis, P.Eng.
Mr. R.H. (Bob) Savage, P.Eng.
Mr. J.R. (John) Wood, P.Eng.

Terms of Reference

Council, under authority given to it by the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act, has created an advisory body to which it might refer from time to time such questions as might best be considered by a group of professional members who have years of experience on various APEGGA Committees and Boards culminating in a term as President of APEGGA Council. These members together represent the highest degree of knowledge and experience available within the Association and is a tremendous resource on which Council can draw for advice.

The Committee is comprised of at least six Past Presidents selected annually by the Annual general Meeting of the Past Presidents' Society who shall also designate one of those selected to act as Chair for the following year.

The Committee meets at the call of the Chair or when requested to do so by Council and, in any event, not less than once each year.

The mandate of the Committee is to consider such matters as might be referred to it by Council from time to time.

Approved by Council on September 21, 2000