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Chair: Mr. N.T. (Tom) Greenwood-Madsen, P.Eng.
Past Chair: Mr. R.W. (Robert) Denzel, P.Eng.
Members: Ms. L. (Laurine) Behmer, P.Geoph.
  Mr. P. (Pavel) Bouchal, RPT (Eng.)
  Mr. A.M.F. (Alan) Dunn, P.Eng.
  Mr. J.R. (Jon) Greggs, P.Geol.
  Mr. A. (Art) Heinrichs, P.Eng.
  Mr. L. (Larry) Kelly, P.Eng.
  Mr. J. (Jim) Linnen, P.Eng.
  Mr. T.A. (Troy) Rederburg, P.Eng.
  Mr. L. (Lawrence) Rodnunsky, P.Eng.
  Mr. P.J. (Patrick) Wall, P.Eng.
  Mr. J.R.V. (Dick) Walters, P.Eng.
  Mr. J.D. (John) Wolodko, P.Eng.
Executive Director's designate responsible for committee:
  Mr. L.A. (Len) Shrimpton, P.Eng.

Terms of Reference

Purpose: To advise and assist the Executive Director (or designate) in carrying out the Association's programs to actively promote and monitor professional development as a means of ensuring continuing competence, excellence and professional quality service to the public by members of APEGGA.

I Program Goals

1. To develop and maintain an understanding by APEGGA members of professionalism and the significance of professional status.

2. To monitor and promote professional development.

3. To monitor and promote the concept that professional service should be matched by appropriate level of remuneration at all responsibility levels.

II Committee Activities

1. To develop and present regular professional development seminars and other seminars of professional interest for members.

2. To act as a catalyst between members and the staff of universities, institutes of technology and other educational establishments and technical societies for the continuing education and professional development of members:

a. determining the continuing professional development needs of members;
b. formulating programs as required to meet the needs of members;
c. advising on program content, including that of existing programs, to satisfy member needs;
d. advising on implementation of programs;
e. advising members of existing programs.

3. To provide advice and recommend policy on the employer salary survey and the Value of Professional Services brochure.
Professional Development Committee

4. To provide advice and recommend policy for the resume referral service.

5. Monitor and report on professional development activity of members.

6. To assist in the developing of professional development programs for members.

III Committee Structure and Operation

1. The committee is comprised of a Chair and other members representing a cross section of the membership.

2. The Chair, Vice Chair and committee members are appointed by the Executive Director (or designate) in consultation with the outgoing Chair.

3, Appointments are normally for three years, with approximately one-third being replaced each year. The Chair holds office for one year.

4. The committee reports to the Executive Director (or designate) for the carrying out of and revisions to the ongoing day-to-day operations and to Council when changes in policy are contemplated.

5. Much of the work is carried out by subcommittees.

6. Concerns with regard to compliance arising from activities 5 and 6 are referred to appropriate bodies.

Approved by Council on September 21, 2000