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Chair: Mr. M. (Moe) Pinisetti, P.Eng.
ASET Members: Mr. P. (Peter) Bowman, R.E.T.
Mr. R.B. (Bruce) Cormier, R.E.T.
Mr. L.R. (Lloyd) Linkiewich, R.E.T. , R.P.T.(Eng.)
Mr. P. L. (Perry) Nelson, R. E. T.
Mr. A. (Ashis) Ray, R. E. T.
Members: Mr. C. Q. (Case) Allison, P. Eng.
  Mr. J. P. (Jim) Doohan, P. Eng.
  Mr. O. (Omar) Elzein, P. Eng.
  Mr. M. (Mike) Lawal, P.Eng..
  Mr. S. (Stephen) Addo, B.Sc.
  Mr. Allan Lowe, C.E.T.
Executive Director's designate responsible for Board:
  Mr. M.J. (Mark) Tokarik, LL.B., P.Eng.

Terms of Reference

Purpose: To advise and assist the Executive Directors (or designates) of APEGGA and ASET in confirming that individuals approved for registration as R.E.T.s meet the standards of admissions in accordance with the requirements of Part 9 of the Regulations pursuant to the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act of Alberta.

I Specific Goals

1. To establish criteria for registration with ASET as an R.E.T. in accordance with sections 63 and 64;

2. To effectively review applicants against those criteria in (1);

3. To ensure those who are registered still meet the criteria;

4. To have an effective examination program;

5. To have effective administration policies.

II Board Activities

1. Establish and maintain academic, experience, communication ability, character and knowledge of law & ethics criteria for registration with ASET as an R.E.T. in accordance with sections 63 and 64;

2. Review applicants against the criteria in (1) and approve, refuse or defer registration in accordance with section 66(4);

3. Review the registration of an R.E.T. if requested by any person and confirm or withdraw registration as appropriate;

4. Determine the content of examinations assessed, administer their writing and evaluate their effectiveness;

5. Assist with the development of administrative policies and procedures dealing with the registration or deregistration of R.E.T.s and the associated certificates, stamps and seals;

6. Annually, review costs incurred by the Board in carrying out its responsibilities;

7. Annually, submit a written report, on request, for publication to the members of APEGGA and ASET.

III Board Structure and Operation

1. The Board shall consist of five members appointed by ASET and five members appointed by APEGGA. Due consideration shall be given to field of endeavour and geographic location.

2. The Chair shall be selected from the Board members for a one year period and shall alternate between APEGGA and ASET. The Chair shall designate a Vice Chair to act in his absence.

3. The terms of appointment shall normally be three years with the option to serve for a further year.

4. Meetings shall be at the call of the Chair but shall be at least once every six months.

5. A quorum shall consist of five members including the Chair or his designate with no less than two members each from APEGGA and ASET.

6. ASET shall provide administrative support.

7. APEGGA shall provide liaison and support as necessary.


Approved by Council on September 21, 2000