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Chair: Dr. Don Bellow, P.Eng.
Members: Mr. Ron Hierlihy, P.Eng.
  Mr. Dave Irving, P.Eng.
Association Consultant: Ms. Linda McNeil
Executive Director's designate responsible for committee:
  Mr. Al Schuld, P.Eng.

Terms of Reference

I Major Objective
To advise APEGGA's Executive Committee and Council on policy matters relating to the benefit package provided to the employees of the Association.

II Specific Goals
1. To ensure that an appropriate package of employee benefits in keeping with current industry practice in terms of health care, disability and life insurance programs are available to the members of staff.
2. To monitor performance of the staff pension plan and, when appropriate, make specific recommendations for changes.

III Principal Activities
1. Review and monitor trends in employee benefit programs.
2. Meet at the beginning of each year and additionally as required to discuss and make recommendations on items arising from within the committee or matters referred to it by the Executive Committee, Council or the Executive Director.
3. To approve minor plan changes that arise as a consequence of actions required by regulatory authorities.
4. To approve minor plan changes that do not affect plan costs.

IV Structure and Operation
1. The membership will consist of a Chair, who normally will be a past president of the Association, at least two professional members of the Association, and two members of the staff of the Association as determined by the Executive Director.
2. The Executive Director of the Association is an ex officio member of the committee.
3. The executive staff of the Association will act for the administration of APEGGA under the Executive Director.
4. The Chair of the committee will be appointed by Council.
5. The Chair and members are appointed by the Council at the recommendation of the Executive Director for a three-year term. They may be reappointed for additional terms.
6. Meetings are held at the call of the Chair to deal with business as required.

Approved by Council on September 21, 2000