Chair: Mr. Vlad Pohnert, P.Eng.
Members: Ms. Glenna Jones, P.Eng.
Ms. Holly Miller, P.Eng.
Ms. Dianne Rau, P.Eng.
Executive Director's designates responsible for committee:
Mr. Neil Windsor, P.Eng.
Overall Coordination
Ms. Barb Robinson, CMP
Ms. Sherrell Steele
AGM: Ms. Trish Williams


Terms of Reference

Purpose To advise and assist the Executive Director or designate in carrying out the Association's mission and strategic plan to enhance the image of the professions by recognizing and publicizing the contributions and achievements of members at the Summit Awardsâ gala.

I Program Goals

1. To recognize APEGGA's Summit Award recipients in a manner that promotes the self-esteem of the recipients, and displays their achievements and contributions to attendees, other members and the general public.

2. To enhance the image of the engineering, geology and geophysics professions within the business community and the public as a whole.

3. To assist APEGGA's members to promote the value and importance of engineering, geology and geophysics professions to society.

II Committee Activities

1. Plan the Annual Summit Awards event.

2. Promote attendance at the Summit Awards.

3. Assist in the production of the Summit Awards event.

4. Assist in promoting attendance at the Annual General Conference.

III Committee Structure and Operations

1. The committee is comprised of a Chair and other members as required to carry out committee activities. The chair will normally be from the city where the Summit Awards event is being held.

2. The Chair and committee members are appointed by the Executive Director or designate in consultation with the outgoing Chair.
Summit Awards Planning Committee

3. Appointments are normally for two years, with approximately one half of committee members from the host city and the balance from Edmonton, Calgary or the previous host city, as applicable.

4. The Chair is a member of the Annual General Conference Committee.

5. The committee reports to the Executive Director or designate.

Approved by Council on September 21, 2000