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Are you looking for a way to help Southeast Asia recover from the Dec. 26 disaster?

Numerous members have said that APEGGA should take a leadership role in directing funds to relief projects in the stricken areas. We agree, and APEGGA has decided to lead the way by encouraging members to donate to RedR.

RedR, which stands for Registered Engineers for Disaster Relief, is a proven and experienced aid organization comprising engineers from around the world. RedR Canada was established through the support of our national association, CCPE, and the 12 provincial/territorial associations. APEGGA Vice-President Dave Chalcroft, P.Eng., is the current chair. RedR members are, in fact, already on the front lines of this massive relief project.

RedR Canada will flow the donations through the Save the Children Canada fund, which means the money will be matched by the federal government. This is a great way to leverage your support. We encourage you and your peers, colleagues, friends and co-workers, who may wish to do so, to get behind RedR by donating now. The professions in Alberta should be high profile and show real leadership in providing much needed relief in this time of terrible tragedy.

Donate online at www.redr.ca/news.htm. At the bottom of the page click on “please give generously.” You will be taken to the donation page where you will need to enter any amount and click donate (amount can be edited later). You will then see a fund box at the top of the page and can then select the “South Asia Tsunami Fund.” Procedures from there are relatively simple. Those wishing to make a donation by cheque will find RedR’s address on the RedR website too. Donations will be acknowledged with a tax receipt.

If you prefer to support other relief efforts, APEGGA encourages donations to any reputable relief fund.

For those of you who may wish to participate directly as RedR volunteers, please see the organization’s website at www.redr.ca. RedR is in particular need of firms with established offices in the stricken areas that can mobilize qualified personnel immediately. If your company can help in that way, please visit the site as well. If you would like to personally participate in future relief efforts, you can also register as a volunteer on the RedR website.

Engineers and geoscientists can and will make a difference in Southeast Asia. Check our website and watch the e-PEGG and The PEGG for further information, as it becomes available.

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