Branch Executive

Roger Breski, P.Eng., Chair
Gordon Barrington, P.Eng.
Mike Berezowski, P.Eng.
Stephen Calderwood, P.Eng.
Terry Cooper, P.Eng.
Paul Elliott, P.Eng.
Steve Giacomin, E.I.T.
Alf Hartling, P.Geol.
Nannette Ho, P.Eng.
Nina Novak, P.Biol., P.Eng.
Jo Pfaefflin, P.Eng.
Mike Smyth, P.Eng.
Jane Tink, P.Eng.

Calgary Branch

Roger Breski, P.Eng., Chair

As the third year of autonomy draws to a close for the Calgary Branch, we can look back and observe nothing short of complete fulfilment.

With the dedicated efforts of the 34 professionals making up the Branch Executive and the four subcommittees, along with the 60-plus resource people and APEGGA's Calgary staff, it is no wonder this year was a success.

This "Team Calgary" has strived to promote a product satisfying not only to themselves, but to the Association and the public as well.

I would like to wish the newly elected branch chair, Alf Hartling, P.Geol., all the best in continuing this evolution into 1996.

It has indeed been a pleasure serving as branch chairman in 1995 and I sincerely thank all of the 1995 "Team Calgary" for their commitment and support.

Meetings Committee

Stephen J. Calderwood, P.Eng., Chair

The Meetings Committee continued, in 1995, to organize and implement branch luncheons and other gatherings of professionals with guest speakers that appeal to the APEGGA membership. The objective is to develop professional and social relationships between members and to promote public interest and awareness of APEGGA.

The Committee organized nine luncheon meetings in 1995, held at the Palliser Hotel, with an average attendance of 100. The Committee helped organize the two Iron Ring ceremonies, in March and November, each with an associated "Professional Ethics" workshop and luncheon. In addition, the Committee provided speakers for the Excellence in Education Awards Evening, held in November, and the Life Members Dinner, which took place in September. The President's Visit was combined with the October branch luncheon.

Issues Committee

Joe Pfaefflin, P.Eng., LL.B., Chair

The Issues Committee's mandate is to facilitate communication between members at large and APEGGA Council or its subcommittees by providing a forum where topical issues are presented and ideas are debated. In addition to providing information to members, the views of members on topics of interest can assist Council in formulating policy.

The "Issue Forums" are held after working hours at the 400 Club and a cash bar is generally provided after the formal session. The Committee's resources are available to other standing committees or subcommittees to assist them in polling members.

Topics which were aired during 1995 were: "Restructuring and Re-engineering, How Does It Affect You?" and "Bidding For Professional Services". The APEGGA Member-in-Training, and proposals for a Specified Scope of Practice were topics scheduled for early 1996.

In addition, the Committee assisted with the one-day "Partnership in the 21st Century" conference, held in conjunction with the 75th Anniversary Week, and the province-wide video forum on continuing competency.

University of Calgary Student Liaison Committee

Jane Tink, P.Eng., Chair

The Committee's main objective is to heighten students' awareness and knowledge of the Engineering Geological and Geophysical Professions Act and APEGGA, and to assist with professional development. Workshops on resume writing, job search skills and interview techniques are held in the fall and winter. These workshops provide a forum for interaction between many professional members and members of the human resource profession. Other events include a Technical Society Night to encourage professional development and meetings between APEGGA staff and students to help clarify registration requirements. Interaction between our professional members, APEGGA and the student body helps to better prepare the students for their future careers.

Career Counselling Committee

Marcey Skye, P.Eng., Chair

The objective of the Committee is to heighten the awareness and interest of primary and secondary school students about careers and/or how mathematical and scientific principles relate to careers in the professions of engineering, geology and geophysics. The Committee and its 60 resource members reach the students through classroom presentations, career fairs, judging science fairs, mall exhibits and various math and science events. Teachers are contacted through various mailings, and the science and general teachers' association conventions. The Committee also judges and makes the awards for the APEGGA Teacher Awards and the Science and Technology Week Mural Contest.

Two volunteer workshops are held to prepare the resource members for the various presentations and to keep abreast of the school curricula. The Committee continues to review all the brochures used in presentations and to develop new presentations applicable to the current curriculum needs. The Committee continues to seek new members, especially geoscientists, to visit the schools.

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