Committee Members

Olwen Wirth, P.Geol., Chair
David Austen, P.Eng.
Wendy Brockbank, P.Eng.
Marcella deJong, P.Eng.
Dave Dietz, P.Eng.
Myron Ewanchuk, P.Eng.
Pierangelo Grande, P.Geol.
Robert Lazor, P.Eng.
Sharon Morganson, P.Eng.
Reg Quinton, P.Eng.
Allison Smith, P.Eng.
Rick Watters, P.Eng.
Laura Scott, Student Member

Trevor Maine, P.Eng.
Director, Communications
Jeanne Keaschuk, Administrator
Career Development

Edmonton Career Counselling Committee

Olwen Wirth, P.Geol., Chair

The Edmonton Career Counselling Committee's main objectives is to inform students and related education groups about careers in the professions of engineering, geology and geophysics, and to leave a positive impression of the professions and the career opportunities that exist in the application of scientific knowledge and technology.

Our main activity is visiting Edmonton-area schools (K - G12). Our volunteers present science demonstrations to classrooms and participate in science fairs aiming to increase student interest in science and math. By talking to classes and participating in career fairs, we also inform students about the nature of professional work, the variety of career opportunities, and the university entrance requirements.

In addition to our school visits, committee activities have included: participating in Science and Technology Week, National Engineering Week, and the Edmonton Science Olympics, selecting the Edmonton winners for the APEGGA-sponsored Teacher's Awards program, and holding two volunteer training workshops. We are also continuing to expand and update our existing presentation aids consisting of videos, books, hands-on science apparatus, and rock and mineral kits.

By the end of 1995-96 school year, we expect to have come in contact with over 100 teachers and over 8,000 students. Volunteers are crucial to our program; we could not have such an ambitious and successful program without volunteer support. In addition to the 13 committee members, there are 62 resource members as well as 22 U of A student volunteers. If you are interested in our program, please do not hesitate to contact Jeanne Keaschuk at APEGGA.

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