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Outreach Program


APEGGA offers a free province-wide service that supports the efforts of teachers and parents to spark an interest in science and math among Alberta students. Our volunteers:

  • offer classroom presentations demonstrating science and math
  • participate in career events
  • judge science projects
  • help with career interviews and job shadows for high school students.

Check out details on our key programs ... view [pdf]

APEGGA is a tremendous resource base of practicing scientists who can share their knowledge and experience with young people. They also help to promote an interest in the sciences, science-based careers, math and technology. For more information, or to book volunteers, contact our Outreach program.

APEGGA is responsible for regulating the practice of engineering, geology and geophysics in the province of Alberta. Established in 1920, APEGGA is the largest professional association in Alberta, with over 40,000 members.

What Are We Doing?

  • Raising public awareness of engineering, geology and geophysics professions.
  • Promoting an interest in math and science through the Alberta school system.
  • Sponsoring the APEGGA Teacher Awards which recognize outstanding math and science teachers. (Teacher Awards online registration form)
  • Supporting provincial math and science events.
  • Working to assist in the development of math and science curricula.

Why Are We Interested?

  • APEGGA recognizes that engineering, science and technology are an important part of Canada's future in world markets.
  • Statistics show declining university enrollment in math and science.
  • Experts predict upcoming shortages of skilled technical labour.
  • APEGGA believes more students will enter math and science fields if their interest is nurtured throughout their primary and secondary school years.


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