Guidelines for Referees

Apegga offers one scholarship annually to a mature individual who is registered as a part-time third or fourth year undergraduate or graduate student, in an engineering, geology or geophysics program at the University of Alberta or the University of Calgary. The scholarship is valued at $750 and will be awarded on the basis of marks, dedication and financial need.

The applicants are required to arrange for three letters of reference to accompany the application. To assist us, please address the following topics:

1. How long have you known the applicant?

2. What is the nature of your association with the applicant?

3. Based on your personal knowledge of the applicant, provide your comments on the applicants:

a) Extra-curricular activities

b) Leadership ability

c) Communication skills

d) Ability to set goals and attain them

e) Why you believe that the individual is a person of outstanding merit

4. Describe how this applicant would utilize the scholarship funds to further his/her career goals. Has the applicant demonstrated dedication and enthusiasm for the chosen field of study?