Guidelines for Referees

APEGGA offers six scholarships to individuals who have achieved enrolment in one of Alberta’s Universities. The scholarships will be awarded to students who will, in the next two (2) years, achieve a B.Ed. degree and who hold a B.Sc. degree. The B.Sc. degree must be in mathematics, physics, or chemistry, or an applied science degree in engineering, geology or geophysics. The program may take the form of a combined dual degree or subsequent degree.

The applicants for this scholarship are required to provide three letters of reference. To assist with the reference letter please address the following topics:

1. How long have you known the applicant?

2. What is the nature of your association with the applicant?

3. Based on your personal knowledge of the applicant, provide your comments on the

a) Community involvement
b) Participation in sports and/or fine arts
c) Enthusiasm for science, mathematics and applied technology
d) Ability to notice others, particularly students
e) Leadership ability, ability to command attention
f) Role model for students
g) Communication skills

4. Summarize how this applicant would utilize the scholarship funds to amplify upon their
previous employment or selected career path to fire the imagination of Alberta students.