Guidelines for Referees

APEGGA offers two scholarships annually to professional members of APEGGA undertaking a graduate program in engineering, geology or geophysics at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary. The scholarships, valued at $2,000 each, are awarded on the basis of the relevance of the thesis to the applicant’s work experience and career aspirations and on the benefits that will accrue to the Alberta economy as a result of the research. Applicants shall have been accepted into the first year of a full time graduate program. Should there be no applicants entering first year, consideration will be given to candidates entering second year.

The applicants are required to arrange for two letters of reference to accompany the application. To assist us, please address the following topics:

1. How long have you known the applicant?

2. What is the nature of your association with the applicant?

3. Based on your personal knowledge of the applicant, provide your comments on the

a) Extra-curricular activities
b) Leadership ability
c) Communication skills
d) Ability to set goals and attain them
e) Strengths and abilities that would enhance the future of Alberta
and why you believe that the individual is a person of outstanding merit.

4. Summarize how this applicant would utilize the scholarship funds to amplify upon his/her
previous employment or selected career path. Comment on the applicant’s enthusiasm for
the area of specialization being studied and, if known, how the study will benefit the Alberta