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Prior to 1995 the NAIT & SAIT scholarships covered tuition and fees while the Junior College scholarships were fixed at $750. In 2004 it was agreed to fix all transfer scholarships at $3,000 with the exception of the N. Hilburn Bradley Memorial Scholarship.

The APEGGA Education Foundation offers one scholarship, for each school listed below, to students completing an engineering, geological and geophysical technology program and who are continuing their studies in an engineering, geology or geophysics program at the University of Alberta or the University of Calgary. The scholarships, valued at $3,000, are awarded on the basis of academic achievement.

  • NAIT
  • SAIT
  • Keyano
  • Grande Prairie
  • Medicine Hat
  • Mount Royal
  • Red Deer
  • Grant MacEwan Community College
  • Lethbridge



W.A.B. "Al" Saunders, P.Eng.
President 1970

In 1989 the NAIT Scholarship was named in honour of Al Saunders, P.Eng.

Al Saunders was successfully involved in governmental and professional affairs for many years, particularly in the advancement of technology and the promotion of technologists within the province. He first became involved with the Alberta technological institutes in the 1930's and throughout his career maintained these contacts. He developed a very strong interest in and contributed significantly to the advancement of technical training in Alberta. Mr. Saunders was an instructor at SAIT, progressing to the head of the Department of Aeronautics and Vice Principal. In 1962 he became the Principal of NAIT, and in 1969 its first President. Later he became the Deputy Minister of Housing and Public Works. He is an honorary member of ASET and was Chairman of the committee that brought legal recognition to technologists under the EGGP Act. Al Saunders received an honorary Doctorate of Engineering degree from the Technical University of Nova Scotia in 1987. He is retired and lives in Edmonton.

Junior Colleges

The following is information further to that which is found in the chart.

(a) Although students must normally be transferring into a program at the University of Alberta or the University of Calgary, if the program is not available in Alberta, exceptions can be made by written representation to the Honours and Awards Committee.

(b) Applicants must have achieved high academic standing (first class); cumulative GPA must be at least 7.5 or better for institutions using the 9 point scale and 3.25 or better for institutions using the four point scale.

(c) The cumulative GPA must be the one attained on completion of the transfer program, and should take into account only those courses taken as part of the transfer program.

(d) There is no limit on the time taken to complete a transfer program.

(e) Candidates must be of good character and have participated in extra curricular activities such as sports and student government. Besides high academic achievement, individuals should be well rounded.

(f) The award of competing or other scholarships is left to the institutions' awards organizations in accordance with individual college policies.

(g) Representatives of individual APEGGA branches in the respective geographical area should be invited to participate in the selection process, particularly when judging participation in extra curricular activities, if permitted by institution awards policy.

(h) The scholarship will be paid to the college for presentation by a member of the APEGGA Branch in the respective geographical area, usually at an awards event sponsored by the college.

Wallace L. Foss, P.Eng.
Councillor, 1949-51

In 1988 the University of Lethbridge Scholarship was named in honour of Wallace L. Foss, P.Eng.

Wallace Foss received his civil engineering degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1930. He was employed as a field engineer in a variety of roadway and construction jobs before coming to Alberta as a project engineer for the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (federal government) in Lethbridge. An active member of the Association, he was elected to Council in 1949. Wallace Foss was granted Life Membership in the Association in 1966 and subsequently retired from his position as Project Engineer, St. May Irrigation Project (PFRA). He passed away in 1986.

N. Hilburn Bradley, P.Eng.

In 1993 a University of Lethbridge Scholarship was created by a $14,000 endowment from the estate of N. Hilburn Bradley, P.Eng. and named in memory of him.

Born in High River, Hilburn Bradley received his civil engineering degree from McGill University and was registered as a Dominion and Alberta Land Surveyor. Early in his career, he was employed in road construction and surveying by the CNR and Dominion Land Surveying Office. He became a member of the Association in 1921, was granted Life Membership in 1962, and was active in the Lethbridge Branch of the Association. Mr. Bradley later moved to Florida and passed away in August, 1991.





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