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Prior to 1989 the undergraduate scholarships and medals were funded annually by APEGGA following selection of winners by the universities. In 1989, APEGGA provided endowment funds for the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary for the scholarships and medals as a result of 2 for 1 matching of funds by the Government of Alberta. The Universities manage the funds and provide scholarships from the proceeds, the value of which varied depending upon the earnings of the endowed funds. In 2004 it was agreed to top up these scholarships to a value of $3,000.

The Association, as recommended by the 1987-88 committee, commenced a program of naming the APEGGA scholarships that at that time did not have names assigned. This would be done on a progressive basis.

In 1944, the H.R. Webb Memorial Scholarship was established for University of Alberta engineering students.

Harold R. Webb, P.Eng.
Registrar, 1940-1941 ...
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Mr. Webb, a graduate of Alberta, obtained his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 1921, and the following year took his M.S.C. He returned to the University immediately after graduation, and remained on the Civil Engineering staff until his death. During his life he strove to broaden his wide experience by following his professional training on various projects during the inter-session months, and by carrying on a consulting practice.

When the "Undergraduate Society in Applied Science" was formed in 1920 he was its president, and as the years passed did all in his power to promote and assist in the development of the organization - renamed "The Engineering Students' Society." In recognition of his interest he was on two occasions its honorary president. His interest in Engineers was so great that he made it his unique business to know personally every Engineer to graduate from the University of Alberta.

Mr. Webb contributed to the building of the various dams required for the generation of much needed energy for Calgary Power, in the Southwestern part of the Province of Alberta. He was an avid mountain climber and a member of the Alpine Club. He made many climbs in the Rocky Mountains, some of which may be recorded in the early day Alpine Journals, (1930-1940) available at the local library.

He passed away suddenly in September 1942, as a result of a mountain climbing accident. In 1955 the University of Alberta Undergraduate Geology Scholarship was named in honour of John A. Allan, P.Eng.

John A. Allan, P. Eng.
President, 1930...
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A geologist, John Allan was a professor in the Department of Geology and Mineralogy at the University of Alberta. Registered under the Mining Engineering Discipline, he saw the need for geoscientists to be officially recognized and registered by the Association. Professor Allan was instrumental in lobbying Alberta to be the first licensing body to register geoscientists in Canada. Mr. Allan is deceased.

In 1988 the University of Calgary Undergraduate Engineering Scholarship was named in honour of A. Clayton Milroy, P.Eng.

A. Clayton Milroy, P. Eng.
Registrar, 1978 - 1987

Born in Calgary, Clayton Milroy lived in Redvers, Saskatchewan and Edmonton. He received his civil engineering degree from the University of Alberta in 1950. His career began as the first graduate engineer plan checker for the City of Calgary, and later as a design engineer in both architectural and consulting engineering offices. He started his own consulting engineering business in 1955, practicing structural design and business development.

Mr. Milroy joined the staff of APEGGA in 1969, serving in various capacities until he was appointed Executive Director and Registrar in 1978. As well as his professional career, he also served the military, where he commanded both signals and engineering units and served as the National President of the Military Engineers Association of Canada. Mr. Milroy died of cancer in 1987.

In 1991 the University of Calgary Undergraduate Geophysics Scholarship was named in honour of Roy O. Lindseth, P.Geoph.

Roy O. Lindseth, P.Geoph.
President, 1978 - 1979

Roy Lindseth was born in Calgary and began his career in 1944 with the United Geophysical Company. The University of Calgary bestowed an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree upon him in 1978. As a geophysicist, he pioneered work in digital signal processing. He is the inventor of seismic techniques to aid in the interpretation of subsurface lithology for delineation of hydrocarbon reservoirs. His book on Digital Signal Processing was the basic text for many years. For this, he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1978.

Mr. Lindseth served on numerous boards and professional organizations and has been honoured with many awards for his outstanding service. He served on APEGGA Council, was First Vice President (1978-79), elected to President (1979) and was bestowed honorary life membership (1980). He received the Order of Canada in 1996.





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