May 2002, Wednesday
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Wednesday, May 29 - Calgary
(Held in partnership with Canadian Society for Civil Engineering)
Telus Convention Centre - 120 9 Ave SE

Thursday, May 30 - Edmonton
(Held in cooperation with Canadian Society for Civil Engineering & Edmonton Society of Structural Engineers)
Westin Hotel - 10135 100 Street

5:00 p.m. Registration
5:15 p.m. Dinner Buffet
6:00 p.m. Guest Speaker

$45.00 - Members/General Public

Dr. Venkatesh Kodur, P.Eng.
Institute for Research in Construction, National Research Council

"World Trade Centre Disaster - Building Performance Study"

The September 11th terrorist incidents have caused colossal destruction and significant damage to a number of buildings in the World Trade Centre (WTC) vicinity in New York and the Pentagon in Washington. To investigate the collapse/damage to the buildings, and also to study the performance of buildings, a number of professional organizations have come together under one umbrella to establish an "Experts Team" called BPAT (Building Performance Assessment Team). Dr. Venkatesh Kodur, a Canadian from the National Research Council, was the only member outside of the USA, invited to join the experts team.

The investigation has consisted of visits to Ground Zero, a survey of the WTC site, landfill and steel recycling centers, review of videotape records, eyewitness accounts, interviews with building design teams, and analysis using computer models. Based on this information, the goal of the investigation is to understand how the buildings collapsed, propose recommendations for further research, and provide guidance for the future design and construction of similar structures.

An overview of the results from the building performance investigation of the World Trade Center disaster will be reviewed. The main features of the WTC complex and surrounding buildings will be highlighted. The overall damage to the buildings and infrastructure in the vicinity of the WTC will be discussed. A brief summary of rescue and recovery operations, in the aftermath of the disaster will be presented.

Pre-registration and advance payments are required. Ticket sales close May 23, 2002. Registration fee is non-refundable as of this date. To register call:

Calgary - APEGGA Office - 262-7714

Edmonton - Shirley Layne, CMP (Edmonton APEGGA Office) - 426-3990 ext. 369

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