September 2004, Tuesday
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Location: Westin Hotel, 10135 100 Street
11:30 am Registration
12:00 pm Luncheon
12:35 pm Guest Speaker

Evan Chrapko, CA, JD, Founder & Executive Chairman, Time Industrial, Inc.


Project cost control can be a tenuous issue for even the best of project managers. We all know that there is only one truth to what actually happened today. The different interpretations of that truth are the major cause of disagreement among people and the reason for their varied actions.

When parties with competing interests get together (eg. owner vs. contractor) the solution is NOT "more of the same" methods and practices that you use for managing internal, captive projects. A fit-for-purpose solution beats a generic tool every time. Actionable control methods depend on real-time responsiveness and visibility of data.

The value of a third party "referee" or "escrow service for job site data" is counter-intuitive but high. This value can be from 5-15% higher and it is a measurable and sustainable value. Value ought to be measured not only in costs saved but also new value that is created or unlocked. For example, the impact of having better controls can permit us the ability to do mid-project course corrections, avoid disputes, and plan subsequent jobs more intelligently.

Capital or maintenance projects are ready-made for the application of this approach to contractor cost control. Any contracting regime (lump sum, T&M, others) benefits from world-class controls and fresh thinking on the subject of actionable cost control.

$25.00 APEGGA Members
$30.00 Non-Members
$15.00 Students

To register, please contact:

Shirley Layne, CMP

Ph: 426-3990
Email: slayne@apegga.org

Payment can be made in advance by credit card: VISA, MasterCard
or American Express

Please note that refunds will not be issued if cancellations are received after September 16.

No-shows will be billed.

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