November 2004, Wednesday
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Location: Pillar Pub in the Podollan Inn
Do You Have the Answers to the Following Clues??

- This Canadian developed the principle to Amplitude Modulation (AM) and made the first public broadcast of voice and music from Brant Rock, Massachusetts on Christmas Eve 1906.

- This woman invented the Windshield Wiper in 1902.

- In 1879, this Canadian proposed the present system of standard time in which the world is divided into 24 equal time zones.

If You or a Friend has the Answers, then Form a Team and Come Out and Test Your Trivia Knowledge and Socialize at: The 2nd Annual Fort McMurray APEGGA Branch QUIZ NIGHT.

Entry Fee: $7.50

Maximum of 4 players per team.

Please RSVP by Nov. 10 to Mitch Azmier 790-5271 or Paul Hagar 790-5885.

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