"Awarded to members of APEGGA who have made exemplary contributions to teaching and learning at a recognized post-secondary teaching establishment in Alberta."

The award has the objective of recognizing excellence in education and in the development and growth of students.

The member has achieved excellence in the field of education in Alberta.

Nominations for the award may be proposed by any group of three persons or more, with at least one person being a professional engineer, geologist or geophysicist, and one being a current or recent student from the nominee's educational institution.


Recipient must be an APEGGA member

Has not previously received an award

Heavily weighted towards personal teaching effectiveness, evidence by the nominee of contributions to the learning environment, evidence of the nominee's leadership role in improving education beyond the nominee's own courses, improvement of pedagogy and improvement of services to students and peers

Independent evidence of impact of teaching (40 points)

Independent evidence of contributions to education (10 points)

Independent evidence of contributions to outreach (10 points)

Independent evidence of service to students, demonstrating the leadership role that the nominee has played in his/her commitment to the development and growth of the student body (40 points)


The theme is excellence in the field of education as a direct result of the efforts by the nominee.


Complete the nomination form in full and attach documents describing the nominee and his/her achievements which, in the opinion of the nominator, qualify the nominee for the award, together with such supporting evidence as the nominator may wish the Honours and Awards Committee to consider.

A letter of reference addressing the nominee's special qualifications for the award, a signed by the nominators is included.

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