"The winning project should demonstrate engineering, geological or geophysical skills and represent a substantial contribution to technological progress and the betterment of society. The Association will give credit to those firms and/or persons who have assumed key roles in bringing the project to completion."

Projects must have been completed, or have reached a significant degree of completion before or during the award year. Nominations will be restricted to projects undertaken, and completed, with a majority of input coming from Alberta engineers, geologists or geophysicists.

Projects located outside the province of Alberta are eligible if they have been carried to completion under the direction of APEGGA members. Nominations should be accompanied by a brief profile of the project.


Uniqueness: unique application of engineering, geological or geophysical principles to an unusual object (project). Maximum 10 points.

Utilization: possibility to repeat applied engineering, geological or geophysical principles or innovations to traditional practices. Maximum 10 points.

Project Process: built or executed by Canadian and Alberta labour, local contractors, local skills, limited number of imported parts, methods or expertise. Maximum 10 points.

Project Location: higher marks for location in Alberta. Maximum 5 points.

The project will be evaluated out of a maximum of 35 points and each area for evaluation should be commented on separately.


The leading theme is a unique project improving conditions for society and substantially conceived and executed by Albertans.


Complete the nomination form in full and attach documents describing the Project and its achievements which, in the opinion of the nominator qualify the project for the award, together with such supporting evidence as the nominator may wish the Honours and Awards Committee to consider.

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