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APEGGA's Searchable Membership Directory is provided as a service to Association members and the public.  This easy-to-use searchable database is intended to help identify the professional status of APEGGA members, as well as to provide other information that may be of use to individuals for the services of professional engineers and geoscientists.

The information presented in this directory is updated regularly. However, APEGGA cannot guarantee its accuracy and individuals seeking confirmation of a member's  practice status should contact the Association directly.

The information may be used for research purposes only and may not be compliled or reproduced in any form, printed, electronic or otherwise, without the express written permission of APEGGA.

The APEGGA Member Directory is also available on CD.  Click
here for more information or contact Mary Ewanicke at (780) 426-3990 or e-mail Mary Ewanicke