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Use of Logo by APEGGA Members
and Permit Holders

The following provides a guideline for conditions under which members and Permit holders can use the logo of The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA).

The APEGGA logo is a proprietary symbol. It may only be used by those individuals and companies who are registered members and Permit holders of the Association.

Registered members and Permit holders are encouraged to include this symbol as an identifier of their legal right to practice the professions of engineering, geology or geophysics, and that they are members of APEGGA. It is a symbol synonymous with professionalism, high standards and technical excellence.


Without exception, prior written approval from APEGGA Communications & Public Affairs is required before the logo may be used by members and Permit holders. Subsequently, and, thereafter, if any changes are made, a copy of the material on which the logo is to be used must be provided to Communications & Public Affairs staff to ensure the symbol is being used correctly (i.e. placement, size, screens, colour, etc.).

Intended Use:

  • Stationery
  • Business Cards
  • websites
  • Professional Advertisements
  • Business Signs

Acceptable Versions:

Inclusion of the logo on stationery, signage and websites would be appropriate if the following forms of the logo are used:

Members can use either of the following formats:


Permit holders can use the following format:


Members-in-Training can use the following formats:


Student members can use the following formats:



Colour Control:

Pantone #300 Blue from the Pantone Matching System is the official colour for the APEGGA logo. This colour is to be used in all applications of the signature whenever colour printing is feasible; otherwise, black is the only alternative colour.

If the signature is required to reverse out of a solid colour background, then it will assume the colour of the paper stock.

When printing in black, a solid black version of the signature is to be used. No percentage screens to obtain a two-colour effect may be used on the signature.


For more information, contact:

Communications & Public Affairs
The Association of Professional
Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists
of Alberta (APEGGA)
1500 Scotia One, 10060 Jasper AVE.
Edmonton AB T5J 4A3

Tel: (780) 426-3990 or 1-800-661-7020
Fax: (780) 425-1722
E-Mail Address:
website: www.apegga.org








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