Are you looking for a way to enrich your workforce? Are you interested in strengthening the power of your staff? Is your company looking for a proven way to get people up to speed, to increase productivity and to improve employee morale?
If yes, then the APEGGA Mentoring Program is for you!
Mentoring is a process by which business colleagues share wisdom and experience while acting as a sounding board for training and ideas. Mentoring provides a dynamic way to develop and motivate employees, enabling then to acquire new skills and develop their self-awareness. Mentoring is a positive and effective approach to managing change, confronting challenge and seizing new opportunities in business. Through mentoring, management can motivate people at all levels of the organization while supporting their development. The concept and practice of mentoring is now regarded as a key element in business development.

An effective mentoring program can provide:

a non-threatening learning opportunity

encouragement to confront challenges, seize opportunities, overcome problems, recognize weaknesses and build strengths

networking and partnership opportunities

coaching through a process of empowering and constructive feedback

business expertise to assist with business-related decisions

APEGGA’s mentoring program adds structure to the mentoring process so that all individuals in the program understand their roles and responsibilities, and how to meet their goals. APEGGA will match mentors and mentees (upon request), train them, provide ongoing support, monitor progress and report back to the company (if desired). Initially, APEGGA will provide a ½ day seminar for the company that outlines the process of mentoring and describes the roles of the mentors and mentees. Manuals will be provided for the Mentors and the Mentees so they have a reference to guide them after the seminar. Subsequently, APEGGA will be there for face-to-face or phone back up and with feedback questionnaires to ensure the relationships are on track.

There are two types of financial involvement:

Ongoing Costs: Currently the annual cost per mentee is estimated at $250 (subject to change)
Sponsorship: To encourage early involvement, a tiered series of sponsorship possibilities has been created. Sponsorship levels for the 2002 developmental stage:

Discount on Ongoing Costs
Bronze $1,000
Silver $5,000
Gold $10,000
Platinum $15,000

Sponsors will be recognized in the program literature and on the Web site and qualify for the above discounts on the annual fees for 2003 and 2004.

Like all successful relationships, mentoring relationships take time to evolve, and APEGGA will be there to nurture and guide the evolving relationships between mentor and mentee. Get involved early in the program and take advantage of the opportunity to help shape the program.

Judith Lentin, P.Geol. Len Shrimpton, P.Eng.
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