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Car, Home and Travel Insurance
As an APEGGA student member you will receive competitive rates and service. For more information contact Meloche Monnex Insurance Program, toll free @ 1-800-268-8955, or at their Web site, www.melochemonnex.com/

Car Purchase, Lease and Rental Plans
Your Apegga membership will increase your mobility options! We have savings plans for purchase, leasing and rentals through Royalty Auto Sales and Budget Car and Truck Rentals. For more information contact Royalty Auto Sales and Leasing, toll free @ 1-800-667-2886, or APEGGA, toll free @ 1-800-661-7020.

Health and Dental Insurance
Coverage includes medical procedures and prescriptions beyond the coverage of provincial Medicare programs. For more information contact Aetna Life Insurance Company of Canada, toll free @ 1-800-661-3300.

Life Insurance
With an APEGGA membership you are eligible for group rates on term life and accidental death insurance. For more information contact Manulife Financial, toll free @ 1-800-668-0195.

Group RRSP
All the savings and tax benefits of RRSPs plus the advantage of a group plan. Contact Manulife Financial @ 1-800-268-6689.

ASAP is free for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year engineering and geoscience students registered at Alberta universities.

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