Registration Criteria And Instructions for Filling Out The Application For Registration


This sheet gives instructions for filling out the Geoscientists Registered Elsewhere Application form and also provides information on the registration criteria in the order they appear on the Application for Registration. The bold italicized sections provide the basic instruction for filling out the form.

Please type or print.

Check Professional Member if you are a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant. Check Foreign Licensee if you are not.

Check the discipline in which you propose to practice.


Provide both your legal name and your preferred name. Your preferred name will appear in the APEGGA member register and on your stamp and seal unless you tell us otherwise on the application form and the stamp and seal form. Your membership certificate will be issued in your full legal name. However, correspondence from APEGGA will include initials only (maximum 3) and your surname.


Provide the information requested under Home and Business Addresses and indicate which one you prefer for communications from APEGGA. If neither is preferred indicate your preference on a note attached to this application form.



Canadian citizens or landed immigrants may apply to be registered as Professional Members. Others apply to be Foreign Licensees. However, the registration criteria are the same for both categories. The only privilege held by Professional Members that is not held by Foreign Licensees is the privilege of taking part in the administration of the Association by running and voting in Association elections.


You must have a 4 year degree in geology or geophysics or equivalent. List all post secondary education.


You will be subject to either the 2 year or 4 year experience requirement depending on the date your original application was received by your home Association.

You will be subject to the 2 year experience requirement if:
1) you were academically qualified prior to July 1, 1996, and,
2) your home Association received your application prior to July 1, 1996.

In all other cases you will be subject to APEGGA's 4 year experience requirement as required by the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act of Alberta.

The APEGGA Board of Examiners also requires that the experience be relevant and current. If the experience is deemed not to be current, additional experience may be assessed.

Attach a resume. If you do not have one already prepared, format it such that each position includes dates (mo/yr), technical responsibilities and accomplishments, management responsibility, communication skills required and the understanding of societal implications required.


In most cases APEGGA will not need to obtain references, but may require references in some cases. Provide the names and addresses of references; indicate under RELATIONSHIP whether the referee is/was your employer, supervisor, mentor, colleague, client or friend; and indicate under PROFESSIONAL STATUS whether they are registered as a professional geoscientist or engineer. A copy of the Reference Questionnaire is included for information only.


You must be of good character and reputation. Good character connotes moral and ethical strength and undoubtedly includes integrity, candor, honesty and trustworthiness. Character is what a person is, while reputation is what others believe that person to be. This is determined, among other sources of information, by the response to a general question on the Reference Questionnaire and by the responses to the specific questions on the application form. All the questions on the form must be responded to with a yes or no answer. If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you must provide details in writing. You may do so in a sealed envelope, the contents of which will be disclosed only to those members of the Board and staff who have a need to know. An affirmative answer to any question does not necessarily mean that you will be refused registration. If this information raises concerns about your character, you will be given another opportunity to respond to the concern in writing.


You must demonstrate knowledge of professional law and ethics. This may be accomplished by passing the National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE), the application form and order forms for which should be returned with this registration form. If you have passed an equivalent examination for another Canadian association or you have been registered in another Canadian association, you need only read the enclosed EGGP Act, Regulations & By-Laws and the Manual of Professional Practice under the Code of Ethics, sign the enclosed Act, Regulations & By-Laws Confirmation and return it with this registration form. Indicate how you have met or plan to meet this criterion by checking one of the boxes. More information on the NPPE is provided in the brochure on the NPPE, the Application to Write the NPPE and the NPPE Literature Order Forms.


You must be fluent in written and spoken English. Indicate on the form how you meet this criterion. For those whose native language is not English, many years of being educated in or of working in an English language environment will be sufficient.


Indicate the home Association(s) in which you are presently registered and the corresponding years registered; previous activity with APEGGA; and whether any application with another association has been refused/rejected or whether your registration was subsequently revoked. APEGGA will confirm your registration with your home Associations. A sample Confirmation of Registration form is included for information only.

Sign and date the application after reading the four point declaration.


APEGGA's primary responsibility is to protect the public. The professions of engineering, geology and geophysics are increasingly facing varied demands from the public, government, the economy and technology. As the environment in which we practice adapts and adjusts to these demands, it is important we keep pace with the changes. To help engineering and geoscience professionals meet the challenge, our governing APEGGA Council approved a mandatory Continuing Professional Development Program (CPD) as a requirement for all registered members. It is a self-directed program that has been designed to be flexible in order to address the many needs of our diverse membership and, at the same time, includes elements that help to ensure protection of the public. All new members will be provided with a Continuing Professional Development Guideline upon approval of registration at which time it will be their responsibility to have a CPD plan in place.

The Association is taking a leadership role in the development of such a program in Canada. As such, the governing council recognizes that adjustments may have to be made. It is a living program that will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Thank you for following the instructions.

Revised July 2001