2000 Edition

University of Alberta

University of Calgary

00-GP-F1 Introductory Calculus

MATH 100 Calculus I


MATH 114 Elementary Calculus I


MATH 113 Elementary Calculus I


MATH 117 Honours Calculus I


MATH 115 Elementary Calculus II


MATH 101 Elementary Calculus II


MATH 118 Honours Calculus II

MATH 251 Calculus I


MATH 249 Introductory Calculus


AMAT 217 Calculus for Engineers & Scientists

00-GP-F2 Linear Algebra

MATH 120 Basic Linear Algebra I


MATH 125 Linear Algebra I

MATH 211 Linear Methods I


MATH 221 Linear Algebra for Scientists & Engineers

00-GP-F3 Introductory Physics I

PHYS 102 Mechanics


PHYS 124 Particles and Waves


PHYS 144 Newtonian Mechanics and Relativity

PHYS 211 Mechanics

00-GP-F4 Introductory Physics II

PHYS 100 Wave Motion and Electricity


PHYS 126 Fluids, Fields, and Radiation


PHYS 146 Fluids and Waves

PHYS 223 Intro Electromagnetism, Fluids & Thermal Physics

00-GP-F5 General Chemistry I

CHEM 101 (Fall) Introductory University Chemistry


CHEM 103 Introductory University Chemistry I

CHEM 201 General Chemistry I

00-GP-F6 General Chemistry II

CHEM 102 (Winter) Introductory University Chemistry


CHEM 105 Introductory University Chemistry II

CHEM 203 General Chemistry II

00-GP-F7 Computing Science

CMPUT 114 Introduction to Programming for Scientific Applications


COMP 100 Computer Programming for Engineers


PHYS 234 Introductory Computational Physics

CPSC 215 Intro to Programming


CPSC 231 Intro to Computer Science I

00-GP-C1 Differential Equations

MATH 214 Intermediate Calculus I

MATH 253 Calculus II


AMAT 311 Differential Equations I

00-GP-C2 Intermediate Calculus

MATH 215 Intermediate Calculus II

MATH 331 Multivariate Calculus


MATH 353 Calculus IV

00-GP-C3 Electricity and Magnetism

PHYS 281 Electromagnetism and Optics

PHYS 323 Optics & Electromagnetism

00-GP-C4 Vibrations, Waves and Optics

PHYS 244 Mechanics

PHYS 321 Rotation, Harmonic Motion & Waves

00-GP-C5 Physical Geology

EAS 101 Physical Geology


EAS 210 Engineering Earth Science

GLGY 201 Principles of Geology & Geophysics I

00-GP-C6 Physics of the Earth

GEOPH 221 Physics of the Earth

GOPH 359 Global Geophysics

00-GP-C7 Probability and Statistics

STAT 141 Introduction to Statistics


STAT 151 Introduction to Applied Statistics

STAT 357 Statistics for the Physical Sciences


STAT 211 Statistics 211

00-GP-C8 Integral Transform Methods

MATH 334 Advanced Calculus I


MATH 201 Differential Equations

AMAT 415 Mathematical Methods

00-GP-C9 Complex Variable Calculus

MATH 311 Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable

PMAT 421 Introduction to Complex Analysis


AMAT 415 Mathematical Methods

00-GP-C10 Database Management or Computer Graphics or Computational Physics

CMPUT 291 Intro to File & Database Mang.


PHYS 420 Computational Physics

CPSC 471 Data Base Management Systems


CPSC 453 Computer Graphics I


PHYS 535 Computational Methods in Physics

00-GP-C11 Thermodynamics

PHYS 211 Heat, Thermodynamics & Kinetic Theory


PHYS 224 Thermal Physics

PHYS 447 Thermodynamics

00-GP-C12 Continuum Mechanics

MA PH 467 Mechanics of Deformable Media


00-GP-C13 Optics & Lasers

PHYS 362 Optics

APPH 575 Optics & Electro-Optics

00-GP-C14 Electromagnetic Theory

PHYS 381 Electromagnetic Theory I

PHYS 455 Electromagnetic Theory I

00-GP-C15 Historical Geology

EAS 103 Earth and Life Through Time

GLGY 203 Principles of Geology & Geophysics II

00-GP-C16 Crystallography and Mineralogy

EAS 224 Mineralogy I

GLGY 313 Crystallography & Optical Mineralogy

00-GP-C17 Sedimentation and Stratigraphy

EAS 222 Principles of Sedimentation and Stratigraphy


EAS 231 Principles of Sedimentation

GLGY 381 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation

00-GP-C18 Structural Geology

EAS 321 Structural Geology I

GLGY 341 Structural Geology

00-GP-C19 Introduction to Applied Geophysics

GEOPH 223 Environmental Monitoring & Mining Exploration Techniques


GEOPH 224 Geophysical Exploration Techniques

GOPH 355 Exploration Geophysics

00-GP-M1 Quantitative Seismology

GEOPH 421 Seismology & Physical Structure of the Earth

GOPH 551 Seismic Theory and Methods

00-GP-M2 Digital Signal Processing

GEOPH 426 Signal Analysis of Geophysical Data Sets

GOPH 557 Geophysical Data Processing

00-GP-M3 Principles of Applied Seismic Methods

GEOPH 326 Ray Seismology

GOPH 355 Exploration Geophysics

00-GP-M4 Principles of Applied Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods

GEOPH 424 Electromagnetic and Potential Methods of Exploration

GOPH 453 Mining Geophysics

00-GP-M5 Principles of Applied Gravity and Magnetic Methods

GEOPH 325 Gravity, Magnetic and Electrical Prospecting Techniques

GOPH 547 Gravity and Magnetics

00-GP-M6 Advanced Global Geophysics, or Global Geology

GEOPH 521 Plate Tectonics and Global Dynamics

GOPH 681 Advanced Global Geophysics & Geodynamics


GLGY 555 Global Geology

00-GP-M7 Petroleum Geology

EAS 430 Petroleum Geology


EAS 431 Regional and Petroleum Hydrogeology

GLGY 577 Petroleum Geology

00-GP-M8 Metallic Mineral Deposits

EAS 433 Metalliferous Mineral Deposits

GLGY 527 Metallic Mineral Deposits

00-GP-M9 Hydrogeology

EAS 223 Introduction to Hydrogeology

GLGY 401 Physical Hydrogeology

00-GP-M10 Physical Properties of Rocks/Engineering Geology

GEOPH 332 Physical Properties of Geomaterials


MIN E 323 Rock Mechanics

GOPH 457 Physical Properties of Rocks


GLGY 571 Engineering Geology

00-GP-M11 Well Log Analysis

PET E 465 Well Logging & Formation Evaluation


EAS 424 Subsurface Geological Methods

ENPE 507 Well Logging and Formation Evaluation

00-GP-M12 Partial Differential Equations

MATH 337 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations


MATH 300 Advanced Boundary Value Problems I

AMAT 413 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations

00-GP-M13 Solid State Physics

PHYS 415 Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics I

PHYS 507 Solid State Physics

00-GP-M14 Geostatistics

MIN E 310 Ore Reserve Estimation


MIN E 612 Geostatistical Methods for Modelling Earth Sciences Data

GLGY 597 Numerical Models & Geostatistics

00-GP-M15 Advanced Signal Processing

GEOPH 623 Time Sequence Analysis

GOPH 657 Seismic Signal Analysis

00-GP-M16 Advanced Seismic Methods

GEOPH 624 Theoretical Seismology I

GOPH 659 In Situ Seismic Analysis

00-GP-M17 Advanced Seismic Interpretation

GEOPH 438 Aspects of Seismic Data Processing

GOPH 559 Geophysical Interpretation

00-GP-M18 Advanced Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods and Interpretation

GEOPH 424 Electromagnetic and Potential Methods of Exploration

GOPH 653 Electromagnetic & Induced Polarization Topics

00-GP-M19 Advanced Gravity and Magnetic Methods

GEOPH 424 Electromagnetic and Potential Methods of Exploration

GOPH 547 Gravity & Magnetics

00-GP-M20 Reservoir Engineering

PET E 473 Fundamental Reservoir Engineering

ENPE 523 Reservoir Engineering I

00-GP-M21 Geophysical Field Methods

GEOPH 437 Application of Methods of Exploration Geophysics

GEOPH 438 Aspects of Seismic Data Processing

GOPH 459 Field School

00-GP-M22 Isotope Geophysics

EAS 420 Geochemistry II

PHYS 561 Stable and Radioactive Isotope Studies, Fundamentals

00-GP-M23 Fluid Dynamics

MAPH 467 Mechanics of Deformable Media


00-GP-M24 Computer Controlled Instrumentation

CH E 540 Process Dynamics & Control


00-GP-M25 Igneous Petrology

EAS 331 Igneous Petrology

GLGY 431 Igneous Petrology

00-GP-M26 Metamorphic Petrology

EAS 332 Metamorphic Petrology

GLGY 433 Metamorphic Petrology

00-GP-M27 Advanced Sedimentology

EAS 422 Sedimentary Facies

GLGY 461 Sedimentary Petrology

00-GP-M28 Advanced Structural Geology

EAS 421 Structural Geology II

GLGY 541 Advanced Structural Geology

00-GP-M29 Fluid Flow In Porous Media

PET E 473 Fundamental Reservoir Engineering


EAS 223 Introduction to Hydrogeology

GLGY 677 Petroleum Reservoir Production


ENPE 513 Flow in Porous Media

00-GP-M30 Geochemistry

EAS 320 Geochemistry I

GLGY 505 Chemical Hydrology

00-GP-M31 Numerical Modelling Methods

CH E 474 Computational Methods In Engineering


PHYS 420 Computational Physics

GLGY 605 Simulation Methods in Subsurface Flow and Transport

00-GP-M32 Remote Sensing

EAS 451 Remote Sensing