This application package must be used by students graduating, at the undergraduate level, from the University of Alberta or the University of Calgary attending the Graduating Student Luncheon. It contains an Application for Registration as a Member-In-Training; and information on the criteria that must be met and on the process that must be followed for registration as a Professional Member. The information contained in this package is important to the advancement of your career. Do not throw it out! Enrolment as a Member-In-Training is not a mandatory requirement. It is, however, an important step and a highly desirable element in the formation of a professional because it more clearly exposes you to the standards and expectations that the Association has of you as a professional.

Authority for registration is vested in the APEGGA Board of Examiners. Board membership consists of professional engineers, geologists and geophysicists and public members. Some of the professional members serve as academic examiners and some as experience examiners. The academic and experience examiners meet monthly with the public members to consider applications. At least twice yearly this same group of academic and experience examiners, reinforced with additional professionals and public members, meet to discuss policy issues.

The academic examiners are primarily responsible for the assessment of academic qualifications. The experience examiners are primarily responsible for the assessment of the applicant's experience. Both groups jointly deal with English language competency, knowledge of law & ethics and character.


The following are the steps in the normal process of seeking registration as a Professional Member.

1. Graduates, at the undergraduate level, attending the Graduating Students' Luncheon fill out the Application for Member-In-Training prior to the morning workshop and present it to APEGGA staff during workshop registration just prior to the start of the workshop. Filling the form out in advance greatly facilitates the workshop registration due to the large number of graduates who attend these events. If you submit an application at the workshop you will have your registration fees and first year's annual dues waived. If you fail to submit an application at the workshop you will be required to submit a three page form and fees.

2. APEGGA will acknowledge receipt of your application in writing and will arrange with the universities for confirmation of completion of degree requirements and/or graduation (for engineering graduates) and full transcripts (for geoscience graduates). Once confirmation is received (2 to 3 months) engineering graduates and geophysics graduates with approved degrees will be enroled as Members-In-Training. Geology graduates and geophysics graduates with unapproved degrees must have their transcripts compared to the corresponding APEGGA syllabus before enrolment as Members-In-Training is approved (See Registration Criteria - Post Secondary Education). If you have not completed the academic requirements for your degree you will be asked to confirm your intentions with regard to its completion.


3. After graduation, you will then focus on meeting the experience and National Professional Practice Examination requirements. Eventually, the Board will also have to make decisions on your English language competence and whether you are of good character and reputation. (See Registration Criteria)

4. Once you have at least 2 years of experience you are eligible to write the National Professional Practice Examination (See Registration Criteria - Knowledge of Law and Ethics). Information on the examination is available on our Web Site or through the Edmonton or Calgary APEGGA office.

5. Once you feel that you have 4 years of experience that is acceptable to the Board you submit a three page Application for Registration and application fees. You will have to contact the Edmonton or Calgary office or visit our Web Site: for the application form. Documents previously submitted will not have to be resent. If you were not born in Canada you will have to confirm citizenship or landed immigrant status at this point (See Registration Criteria - Citizenship).

6. APEGGA will acknowledge in writing the receipt of the application and fees.

7. APEGGA contacts persons listed as supervisors and references for verification of your experience, character and English language competency.(A copy of the Reference Questionnaire is included in this package for your information only.) If you are registered elsewhere in Canada or the USA, APEGGA will also contact your home Association/Order/State Board to confirm registration and the basis on which registration was granted.

8. When the documentation is complete, your application is referred to the Director, Registration. If your experience is acceptable, the application is then referred directly to the Board with a recommendation for registration. If your experience needs further review your file is referred to an Experience Examiner. If your character needs further review your file is referred to the Character Committee.

9. If the Experience Examiner is satisfied with your work history the application is referred to the Board with a recommendation for registration. If your experience is insufficient or unsatisfactory, an appropriate recommendation is made to the Board. If the Experience Examiner is uncertain about the quality of your experience your file will go before the Experience Committee.

10. The Board of Examiners reviews the recommendations of the Director of Registration, Academic Examiners, Experience Examiners, Experience Committee and Character Committee and makes its decision.

11. You are advised of the Board's decision in writing.


After documentation is complete it may take from 2 weeks to 2 months to get the written decision from the Board. Problems encountered in obtaining replies from references or in securing other documentation can cause further delays. To minimize delays, all addresses should be correct and complete and APEGGA should be advised of any changes.

There is no advantage for Members-In-Training who are trying to anticipate the processing time in sending in the application for Professional Membership prior to completion of the experience requirement. Early submissions will not be accepted until one month prior to meeting the full experience requirements.

Applicants may contact APEGGA for the status of their application, but should not do so until at least one month has elapsed from the receipt of the acknowledgment letter.

Records Retention

A file withdrawn either voluntarily or due to having not met registration requirements, will be retained for seven years only, after which time all the contents will be destroyed. Reapplication thereafter will require resubmission of all the documents.


APEGGA grants multiple registration in engineering, geology and geophysics. You may qualify in more than one by being academically and experientially qualified in each.


A partnership, corporation, firm or association of persons wishing to practice Engineering, Geology or Geophysics in Alberta must be issued a corporate license by APEGGA, commonly referred to as a Permit to Practice. An application package is also available from either the Edmonton or Calgary office or through our Web Site.

Revised October 2000