Permits to Practice General Information

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4. The association will issue a Permit Practice to any partnership, corporation or other entity provided at least one full time employee or member of the firm, who is also a member or licensee of APEGGA, undertakes to direct and accept responsibility for the professional practice of the Permit Holder. The member(s) who assume responsibility for the professional practice must be qualified by training and experience in the fields of engineering, geology or geophysics in which the firm provides services and must be available to the full extent necessary to direct the day to day activities engaged in by the Permit Holder.

Larger organizations with more than one functional division which are spread geographically over several operating centres are encouraged to name as many professional members as necessary to provide responsible direction and personal supervision to the professional practice engaged in. The number of members selected to assume that responsibility for the organization should complement the organization structure and will vary according to the type of operation and management style of the organization.

Reference in the Act to a full time employee or member of the firm is interpreted to mean that the relationship between the APEGGA member and the firm is an ongoing and continuous one as distinguished from one that does not have the depth or responsibility normally associated with a full time employee relationship.

5. The Association will give its consent to the incorporation of a company and/or to the registration of extra-provincial companies pursuant to the laws of Alberta, where the name of the company includes the word "engineering", "geology", or "geophysics" or any variation thereof, provided the company undertakes to maintain a valid Permit to Practice from the Association. A written request for consent is required in order for the Association to give consent for incorporation.

If the Permit to Practice is canceled, lapses, is revoked or for any reason becomes invalid, approval by APEGGA to use the words engineering, geology and geophysics or any form thereof in the firm's name is automatically withdrawn.

6. Permit Holders whose registration is canceled by APEGGA due to nonpayment of annual dues or for any other reason are assessed an administrative fee when applying for reinstatement. Permit Holders who request in writing that their Permits to Practice be canceled will not be assessed the administrative fee when they apply for reinstatement.

7. The current regulations require the permit stamp to be under the control of the professional members or licensees assuming responsibility of the professional practice in which the Permit Holder is engage. In accordance with Standata 81-A007, entitled Professional Involvement in Projects and Seals on Construction Documents, issued by the Building Standards Branch of the Provincial Government, the permit stamp should be signed by a person authorized to take professional responsibility for the Permit Holder.

It is the intent of the regulations that details regarding permit stamp custody and specific signing authority within the organization are matters to be addressed by the officer or designate/"person" who signs page one of the Application for Permit to Practice on behalf of the Permit Holder.


1. Application is made by completing forms entitled Application for Permit to practice. In completing the form it is the responsibility of the applicant's Chief Operating Officer or his designate to ensure that the members selected to be responsible for the respective professional practices are qualified and have organizational authority to direct and control the overall quality of services being provided.