You are evaluated according to Section 77 of the Regulations accompanying the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions of Alberta Act as follows:

77 A person who meets the following requirements and applies to the Registrar for registration is entitled to be registered as a registered professional technologist (engineering):

(a) the applicant is of good character and reputation;

(b) the applicant is a registered engineering technologist within the meaning of section 63(a) and has been nominated for registration as a registered professional technologist (engineering) by the Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists;

(c) the applicant has a knowledge of the Act and the regulations under the Act, and general knowledge related to the practice of engineering which has been demonstrated by passing an examination for those purposes that is prescribed by the Board of Examiners;

(d) the applicant demonstrates to the Board of Examiners that the applicant has a proficiency in the English language that is sufficient to enable the applicant to responsibly practise the profession of engineering;

(e) the applicant has obtained at least 6 years of experience in work of an engineering nature that is acceptable to the Board of Examiners, at least 2 of which are in the applicant's specific area of professional practice and were completed under the supervision and control of a professional member.

This brochure gives instructions for filling out the registration form and information on the registration criteria in the order they appear on the Application for Registration. The bold italicized sections provide the basic instructions for filling out the form.

Please print or type. If you feel you meet the requirements of Section 77 (with the possible exception of (c)), and are a Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant, apply to be a Registered Professional Technologist (Engineering).

Please Note: APEGGA will not accept an application for registration until APEGGA receives confirmation of your Nomination for registration by ASET.


Provide both your legal name and your preferred name. Your preferred name will appear in the APEGGA member register and on your stamp and seal unless you tell us otherwise on the application form and the stamp and seal form. Your membership certificate will be issued in your full legal name.


Provide the information requested under Home and Business Addresses and indicate which one you prefer for communications from APEGGA. If neither is preferred indicate your preference on a note attached to this application form.


Alberta residency is not a requirement for membership. This means that you may freely move in and out of the province while retaining the same status with APEGGA.


You must be a Canadian Citizen or a Landed Immigrant to request registration as a Registered Professional Technologist (Engineering). If you were not born in Canada and you wish to be registered as a Registered Professional Technologist (Engineering), a copy of your citizenship papers or the Canadian Immigration Record and Visa is required.


Please describe the defined scope of engineering practice in which you are seeking registration as a Registered Professional Technologist (Engineering). The Board of Examiners will give due consideration to your description of the defined scope of practice in its assessment of your application. If you are granted registration as a Registered Professional Technologist (Engineering), you will be entitled to practice engineering within the scope of practice as specified by the APEGGA Board of Examiners.

Please be as specific as possible in describing the proposed defined scope of practice. If your description of the proposed scope of practice is too broad, your application might not be approved. Your references will be asked to comment on your demonstrated knowledge, experience, and ability to apply principles of engineering within the proposed scope of practice. If your description is too broad, your references may indicate you do not have sufficient knowledge, experience, and ability to apply principles of engineering within the proposed scope of practice.

Each applicant's proposed defined scope of practice will vary depending on his or her work experience. The onus is on you to identify and specify the scope of practice in which you are seeking registration. Please refer to the enclosed "Approved Defined Scopes of Practice" sheet for examples of scopes that APEGGA has approved to date.

Please also note that an existing Registered Professional Technologist (Engineering), can apply to modify his or her defined scope of practice. In such case a new application must be submitted accompanied by all applicable fees.


Provide full employment details in reverse chronological order (present/most recent first) including the period of employment, the company name and location and the name and current address of supervisors. Details of the position should include the position title, the general responsibilities that can be found in a job description, the specific assignments, values and successes. In addition to increasing independence, initiative and responsibility you must show evidence of levels A, B, C and D experience (further details of which follow in this write up and in the Experience Guideline) for the years for which you are seeking credit. It would be helpful for the Board if you list the years for which you are seeking credit and the number of months of each year you feel were at levels A through D. Extra sheets will be required. Your experience can only be judged on the information you supply. It is unlikely that a brief summary will provide all the information required.

The Board will award credit for A Level experience - orientation and non-technical training - if the orientation is in the early stages of the career and does not exceed 1 or 2 months and if the non-technical training falls within the areas of management skills, communication skills and understanding the societal implications of the work that is being done.

Full credit may be awarded for B Level experience - formal technical training - if it is a logical extension of the academic background on which your registration has been granted. In house courses may be acceptable.

Full credit may be awarded for C Level experience - technician, technologist or technical support level.

Full credit may be awarded for D Level experience - where the application of engineering principles and practical experience within the defined scope of practice are evident. At least 2 years must be at D Level under the supervision and control of a professional engineer.


Please provide the names and current addresses of at least three persons who are familiar with significant time elements of your experience, at least two of whom are professional members with APEGGA or another comparable professional association. At least one of these individuals must be a Professional Engineer who is or has been your supervisor and under whose supervision and control you worked in your defined scope of practice for two years or more.

Under relationship indicate whether the reference is/was your employer, supervisor, mentor, colleague, friend or client. A standard Reference Questionnaire, a copy of which is enclosed in this package for information only, will be sent by APEGGA to the three references above (or to supervisors, not listed as references, if elements of your experience are not sufficiently covered by the listed references) to confirm your character and employment experience.


You must be of good character and reputation. Character is defined as the combination of qualities which distinguishes one individual from another. Good character connotes moral and ethical strength and undoubtedly includes integrity, candor, honesty and trustworthiness. Character is what a person is, while reputation is what others believe that person to be.

You fail to demonstrate good character when:

  • you willfully obtain or attempt to obtain registration or renewal of registration by cheating on examinations or making or causing to be made a false statement on the application

  • you commit an act or series of acts that relate directly to the practice of engineering, that affords grounds for the belief that you will not engage in the practice in accordance with the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act and the Regulations and By-laws accompanying the Act

  • you have committed an act or series of acts that are inconsistent with the qualities of honesty and integrity and you have not been rehabilitated or have not made adequate reparation

  • you have been convicted of a criminal offence or a civil offence impacting your practice

Good character is determined, with other sources of information, by the response to a general question on the Reference Questionnaire and by the responses to the specific questions on the application form. All questions on the form must be responded to with a yes or no answer. If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you must provide details in writing. You may do so in a sealed envelope, the contents of which will be disclosed only to those members of the Board and staff who have a need to know. An affirmative answer to any question does not necessarily mean that you will be refused registration. If this information raises concern about your character, you will be given another opportunity to respond to the concern in writing.


You must demonstrate knowledge of professional law and ethics. This may be accomplished by passing the National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE). More information is provided in the brochure for the NPPE, the Application to Write the NPPE, and the NPPE Literature Order Forms. The costs and dates change at the beginning of each year so if your form is out of date call us for the current information before you submit the form.

Indicate on the form how you meet or plan to meet this criterion by checking one of the boxes.


If you are a Registered Engineering Technologist with ASET you are deemed to be competent in the English language.


To be eligible to apply to APEGGA for Registered Professional Technologist (Engineering) status you must: be a member of ASET; be registered with ASET as a Registered Engineering Technologist and; be nominated for registration by ASET.

Please check the appropriate box regarding your Registered Engineering Technologist Status with ASET.

APEGGA will not accept an application for Registered Professional Technologist (Engineering) status until APEGGA receives confirmation of your nomination by ASET. You must be a fully paid up member of ASET and must realize that APEGGA reserves the right to conduct a full review to ensure full compliance with all registration criteria.


The professions of engineering, geology and geophysics are increasingly facing varied demands from the public, government, the economy and technology. As the environment in which we practice adapts and adjusts to these demands, it is important we keep pace with the changes. To help engineering and geoscience professionals meet the challenge, our governing APEGGA Council approved a mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program as a requirement for all registered members. This includes Registered Professional Technologists (Engineering). It is a self-directed program that has been designed to be flexible in order to address the many needs of our diverse membership and, at the same time, includes elements that help to ensure protection of the public, APEGGA's primary responsibility. All new members will be provided with a Continuing Professional Development Guideline upon approval of registration at which time it will be their responsibility to have a CPD plan in place.

The Association is taking a leadership role in the development of such a program in Canada. As such, the Governing Council recognizes that adjustments may have to be made. It is a living program that will be reviewed on a regular basis.


You are welcome to comment on anything else that you feel is pertinent to your application. The Board will also consider your feedback on the registration criteria, process and documentation.

Sign and date the application after reading the four point declaration. Then submit the completed form along with the ASET Nomination fee to the ASET office at 2100 Canada Trust Tower, 10104 - 103 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0H8.

Thank you for following the instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not submit the APEGGA application fee at this time. If you are nominated for registration by ASET, you will be invoiced for the APEGGA application fee following the ASET Nomination.

Revised December 2000



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