Committee Members

Emad El-Zein, P.Eng., Chair
Case Allison, P.Eng.
Doug Cox, P.Eng.
Edward (Ted) Lord, P.Eng.
Alan Miller, P.Eng.
Gerry Swersky, P.Eng.
Kaz Walewski, P.Eng.
Graham Walker, P.Eng, PhD,
Edmonton District Meetings Committee Representative

Ray Chopiuk, P.Eng.
Director, Professional Affairs

Edmonton Member Liaison Committee

Emad El-Zein, P.Eng., Chair

The Edmonton Member Liaison Committee (EMLC) works towards stimulating and facilitating communication between members at large and Council on matters complementary to APEGGA's purpose and goals.

During the last few months, the EMLC hosted the "Bidding for Engineering Services" issue forum and organized a "Mentoring for M.I.T.s" forum. The Committee also participated in the Continuing Competence forum, held simultaneously across the province in September. The Committee currently is monitoring the "Specified Scope of Practice" which was considered at an issue forum in February. While most of these issues are a reflection of the Council's activities, it should be emphasized that members at large also help in bringing these issues to the Committee's attention. There are so many changes and challenges that face the professions today that it is important that members stay informed and that they communicate their concern back to the Council.

The Committee is also involved in organizing lunch-time forums. These usually take place in an area where there are a large number of members who can attend during lunch-time. Topics for such issues are coordinated with the hosting firm.

Members are encouraged to forward their suggestions to the Committee, and if they have the time, to volunteer to be part of it.

I would like to extend a great welcome to the new members who have volunteered to join our committee and to thank everybody for their participation and effort.

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