Committee Members

Judy Newbert, P.Eng., Chair
Don Bartsch, P.Eng.
Bob Comer, P.Geoph.
Brent Graham, P.Eng.
Manny Kassam, P.Eng.
Mickey Mitchell, P.Eng.
Harry Moore, P.Eng.
Maureen Murphy, P.Geol.
Ashok Sehgal, P.Eng.
Allen Swanson, P.Eng.

Len Shrimpton, P.Eng.,
Assistant Director, Registration

Honours and Awards Committee

Judy Newbert, P.Eng., Chair

The Honours and Awards Committee administers the scholarships and awards which APEGGA has chosen to award. The majority of the APEGGA scholarships and awards were presented at "Excellence In Education" evenings, one in Edmonton and one in Calgary, in November.

Over the past year, in addition to its traditional task of selecting awards winners (including Summit Award recipients), the Committee has been working on two initiatives. One, a policy on the naming of scholarships, has been presented to, and approved by Council. The second initiative, which has yet to be approved, is the setting up of an independent, tax-exempt foundation outside the normal APEGGA administistration. The foundation could accept and issue tax receipts for donations to APEGGA-sponsored educational initiatives. These monies could be used to fund additional scholarships or educational initiatives for APEGGA members, for students in engineering and geoscience studies, and for the academic institutions themselves.

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