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Chief Design Engineer

Engineering Manager


Directs the staff of an engineering office and coordinates the work of the design staff with that of field staff including several professional functions.

Manages a large staff, administers and coordinates several professional, sub-professional and/or mechanical trades functions.


- Plans and allocates work on broad general assignments with the limits of company policy;

- Establishes working programs to attain objective in the most economical manner;

- Acts as engineering consultant and advisor to the company;

- Assists in developing and maintaining contacts inside and outside the company;

- Makes direct contact with clients.

- Works independently on broad general assignments with responsibility for planning associated activities, limited only by company policy;

- Participates in establishing objectives and basic operating policies. Devises ways of reaching program objectives in the most economical manner and of meeting any unusual conditions affecting work progress;

- Conducts the normal administrative functions related to position;

- Acts as engineering consultant and advisor to the organization;

- Develops and maintains top level contacts inside and outside the company.

Recommendations, Decisions and ComCommitments

Makes responsible decisions within the limits of company policy. Recommends changes in company policy. Implements policies affecting company expenditure and makes decisions affecting operations.

Makes responsible decisions without reference to superiors. Implements approved major programs involving expenditures of large sums of money. Errors in judgement could cause grave losses.

Supervision Received

Broad direction from President or Vice President of company. Work is reviewed for adherence to company policy. Occasional review of technical matters.

Work is reviewed for accomplishment, adherence to company policy and coordination with other phases of company's operations.

Leadership Authority

Selects, rates, disciplines and terminates staff. Reviews and evaluates technical work. Coordinates staff requirements and disposition to suit schedule of work in hand and work planned. Allocates work to various section or project heads.

Makes decisions regarding the selection, development, rating, discipline and termination of staff. Reviews and evaluates technical work. Selects, schedules and coordinates to attain program objectives.

Guide toEntrance Qualications

Bachelor's degree (Honours preferred) in Engineering and broad engineering experience of fifteen years or more, of which about three to five years should have been in responsible administrative duties.

Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Applied Science or its equivalent, normally with broad engineering experience including responsible administrative duties.

Job Rating Factor

A 130

B 65

C 113

D 90

E 70

F 60

G 20

H 5

I 0

J 5

K 3

A 130

B 65

C 138

D 105

E 80

F 60

G 40

H 5

I 0

J 0

K 0

Total Points