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Jr. Design Engineer


For training and development in various phases of engineering work in office, sales, plant, field or lab-oratory, performs various assigned tasks of comparatively low complexity, normally assisting other engineers.

Assists in the design of new or revised products, equipment, installations or processes, based on established engineering principles to meet functional requirements or performance specifications. Using a variety of standard engineering methods and techniques, will usually handle design problems of moderate complexity or assist more senior engineers to solve difficult problems.


Performs a variety of tasks such as the preparation of simple plans, designs, calculations, costs and bills of material, catalogues, in accordance with established codes, standards, drawings or other specifications.

Receives assignments of limited scope and complexity, usually minor phases of broader assign-ments which may include one or more of:

- The design of components within the particular branch of engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.) of a larger design project;

- The modification of tooling, plant equipment, imported designs or prototypes of new development, to permit economical manufacturing or to meet performance specifications and requirements or serviceability;

- The design of ancillary parts, not within the particular branch of engineering, or equipment pertaining to the branch e.g. foundations and supports for heavy machinery, transports for heavy machinery, transformer housings, etc.;

- Confers with shop and departmental personnel while gathering information, seldom outside the company;

- May prepare reports such as equipment surveys, cost estimates, process investigations, within the scope of assigned work.

Recommendations, Decisions and Commitments

Normally, decisions made will be of a routine nature invariably having ample precedent or in line with clearly defined procedures.

Recommendations are limited to the solution of the problems rather than the end results. Work requires accuracy in calculations, completeness of data and adherence to prescribed testing, analysis, design or computation methods. Refers unusual problems to more senior engineers. Errors in work would usually be detected before results become serious.

Supervision Received

Works under supervision where the work is reviewed for accuracy, adequacy and conformance with pre-scribed procedures.

Tasks and duties are assigned in detail and work is under close review by more senior engineers.

Leadership Authority

May give work assignments and check work of 1-5 technicians or helpers.

May give technical guidance to one or two junior engineers or draftspersons.

Guide to Entrance Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Applied Science or its equivalent; little or no practical experience.

Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Applied Science or its equivalent, normally with two to three years working experience from the graduation level.

Job Rating Factor

A. Duties

B. Education

C. Experience

D. Recommendations

E. Supervision Received

F. Supervision Exercised

G. Supervision Scope

H. Physical Demands

I. Job Environment

J. Absence from Base

K. Accident and Health Hazards

A 20

B 65

C 25

D 45

E 25

F 5

G 0

H 10

I 5

J 0

K 5

A 40

B 65

C 45

D 50

E 30

F 10

G 0

H 10

I 0

J 0

K 0

Total Points