Appendix B


Standard forms of agreement are available from a number of sources including CIM Special Publication 32. Many Clients who deal with Consultants on a regular basis have also developed their own standard forms which reflect their particular needs. Consultants and Clients using these standard forms should ensure that all of the elements of the agreement outlined in the attached format are included.

The following format is intended as a guide to APEGGA members in drafting Client/Consultant Agreements. It covers the four primary elements of an agreement — scope, schedule, fee basis and payment. Other items included are those that are commonly required in agreements but are not intended to represent a comprehensive list. Each assignment must be considered specifically for its own special requirements.



THIS AGREEMENT made this__________ day of _______________19__ .







WHEREAS the Client intends to engage the services of the Consultant in connection with the provision of services for the name of project project.


NOW THEREFORE THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSES that the parties hereby agree as follows:

[Note: If space provided under each of the articles is inadequate, indicate by notation that numbered schedules are attached as appendices.]

Article I    -  Scope of Services
Article II   -  Schedule
Article III  -  Client Responsibilities
Article IV  -  Consultant Responsibilities
Article V   -  Fee Basis
Article VI  -  Payment
Article VII -  Termination of Agreement
Article VIII - Ownership of Documents
Article IX    - Insurance
Article X     - Confidentiality
Article XI    - Other
Article XII   - Governing Law


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