This section identifies items which usually are not part of overhead (see Appendix A) and thus are treated as disbursements. Unless otherwise agreed between the Consultant and the Client, disbursements incurred by the Consultant in completing an assignment are properly chargeable to the Client.


The following categories of expenses should be reimbursable for all Fee Basis Options on a "cost plus" basis:

1. Reproduction of drawings and documents beyond those specified in the Agreement to be included within a Fixed Fee;

2. Travel expenses, including the cost of rotation of personnel on some timely basis, where applicable;

3. Telecommunications expenses;

4. Living expenses for personnel where agreed to by the Client;

5. Advertising for tenders on the Client's behalf;

6. Use of special Consultants and Subcontractors as approved by the Client;

7. Use of equipment which is not included in normal overhead costs as detailed in the Agreement;

8. Messenger Service;

9. Any other proper expense paid out by the Consultant on the Client's behalf, and not covered by the agreed fee; and,

10. Other similar expenses for items consumed on a project such as testing materials, survey stakes, etc.


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