The Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act, Regulations and By-laws (EGGP Act) regulate the professions of engineering, geology and geophysics in the Province of Alberta. APEGGA is responsible for the administration of these professions under the EGGP Act and has published several guidelines that deal with various aspects of professional practice. A complete list of guidelines is provided in Appendix A.

This guideline was created to assist professional members and professional organizations dealing with the changing terms of engagement for individual members working for professional organizations. The guideline has three primary objectives:

1. To clarify the terminology of "contract employment" which is an increasingly common experience for the professional individual and organization.

2. To provide an overview of the important issues relevant to the APEGGA Professional Practice in determining the roles and responsibilities of individuals engaged to provide services through an "arm's length" contractual arrangement.

3. To introduce professional members, who contract their services, to the business practices that can have an affect on the legal, liability and taxation positions of both the individual and organization.

The guideline has been created to be used with, and complement rather than replace or supersede, other APEGGA documents. APEGGA expects considerable variance in interpretation and application of this document based on the size, nature and practice of each professional organization and individual, and the document is presented in that context.