The objective of this Guideline is to ensure that a minimum standard exists for the content of contract documents related to electrical design.


Contract documents should clearly convey the intent of the design, particularly with respect to completeness, physical location and sizes, ratings and capacity, coordination with other disciplines, operating and maintenance provisions and provisions for future modification or expansion.

Preparation of Documents to this Standard:

1. Ensures that the design reflects all applicable Codes, Standards and Regulations, and that the required public safety standards are met.

2. Permits the work to be carried out so as to minimize errors, omissions, conflicts with other work, charges for extra work, or changes not initiated by the owner.

3. Enables the project to be tendered without additional design and documentation work being required to be done by others.

4. Permits the accurate and competitive tendering of the work by providing detail sufficient to avoid disputes with the contractor over design intent, material selection and content, equipment location, and system operation.

5. Allows for the preparation of "record" and/or "as-built" drawings for the purposes of operation, maintenance, modifications or expansion of the installation.

6. Provides Owners, Clients, Authorities and the APEGGA Discipline Committee, with a reference as to the detail and content of an adequate electrical design.


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