Appendix C


This appendix describes in more detail the additional services as outlined in Section 1.6.

1. Commissioning and Start-up Assistance.  (See APEGGA Guideline on Commissioning)

2. Preparation of Operating and Maintenance Manuals where this service is not included in Category 4.

3. Preparation of Record Drawings.

4. Determination of Deficiencies during the Warranty Period and Final Acceptance Documentation at its Expiry.

5. Project Management Services

a) Schedule Control
b) Budget Control
c) Design Coordination

6. Project Analysis Services

a) Programming

— purpose of building
— basic philosophy
— space requirements and area relationships
— standards
— budget requirements

b) Feasibility studies

— need of facility
— method of accomplishments
— economic requirements
— location requirements
— personnel requirements

c) Financial Analysis

— operational financing
— capitalization of project
— land values and availability
— taxes and insurance rates
— interim financing
— long range financing

d) Location and Site Analysis

— study of location of site
— land use and function
— relation to surroundings
— relation to raw materials
— availability of markets
— population trends
— relation to transportation
— climatological consideration

e) Operational Programming

— functional requirements
— systems
— space requirements
— equipment and furnishings
— personnel requirements
— financial requirements
— organization requirements
— maintenance requirements

7. Promotional Services

a) Real estate and land assembly
b) Financing of project
c) Promotional design and planning
d) Public relations
e) Presentation material, including models

8. Special Services on Construction Management Projects

a) Designing out of sequence
b) Sequential tendering