The type, nature and extent of professional services required for a successful building project will vary according to the characteristics and complexity of the project. Professional services in the architectural, civil, mechanical, and electrical disciplines are normally required and extend from inception through design, construction, occupancy and warranty.

The selection, organization and direction of the team of professionals for a specific project is normally the responsibility of the Prime Consultant whose scope of services usually emphasizes coordination of the Subconsultant activities and administration of the construction contract. Specific activities in the Prime Consultant's scope of services may be appropriately delegated to Subconsultants. The successful execution of the entire scope of professional services included in the Prime Consultant's agreement is, however, the responsibility of the Prime Consultant.

For the purpose of determining an appropriate fee basis, Prime Consultant and Subconsultant services on building projects are divided into the following categories:

1. Consultative and Advisory Services

2. Pre-Design Services

3. Design Services

4. Contract Administration and Review During Construction

5. Resident Services During Construction

6. Special Services


Examples of this category are:

1. Expert testimony;

2. Appraisals and valuations;

3. Investigations (failures, accidents, etc.)

4. Inspection, testing or other services concerning the collection, analysis, evaluation and interpretation of data and information leading to specialized conclusions and recommendations;

5. Advice and/or assistance in obtaining project funding;

6. Feasibility studies.


These consist of services to establish requirements for design, including but not limited to:

1. Determination of Scope of Project;

2. Investigation of site and aspects of location that may affect the design;

3. Survey, geotechnical investigation and other testing;

4. Investigation of conceptual alternatives;

5. Preparation of Pre-design Report covering conceptual sketches, specification notes, probable construction cost and schedule.


These services follow the establishment of project requirements described in Category 2 and consist of the preparation of designs, drawings, specifications and contract documents. They generally include the following:

a) Preliminary Design

i) Preparation of preliminary sketches and outline specifications illustrating and defining the design concept in terms of siting, surface and subsurface characteristics, form, character, materials, structural, mechanical and electrical systems and other necessary details.

ii) Preparation of Preliminary Design Report covering preliminary sketches, outline specifications, alternates, estimated construction cost and schedule.

iii) Advice and/or assistance in obtaining approval from the Authorities.

b) Detailed Design

i) Preparation of detailed calculations, design drawings and specifications.

ii) Preparation of estimates of the cost of the work including design and construction schedules.

iii) Assistance in obtaining approval from Authorities for the total project or specific aspects of it.

c) Tendering

i) Assistance and advice to the Client during tender call including tender evaluation and award.


These services consist of contract administration and periodic field visits by the Consultant during the construction period following contract award. They include the following:

  1. Administration of the contract.

  2. Review of vendor documents as provided for in the terms of the construction contract documents.

*3. Visits to the construction site periodically to review during construction for progress, quality and conformance to the drawings and specifications.

  4. Review and approval of change orders.

  5. Preparation of construction progress reports to the Client.

  6. Interpretation of contract documents as required by the Contractor or Client.

  7. Examination of progress claims for the purpose of approving progress payments.

  8. Preparation of Construction Completion Certificate following final review of construction.

  9. Preparation of Warranty Inspection Report following completion of the warranty period.

These services are distinct and separate from those described in Category 5 Resident Services During Construction and should not in any way be considered a substitute for them. The two categories of services are complementary however, and this should be taken into account when the scope of services is established for each of the engineering disciplines required on a building project.

If there is a requirement for field services by one or more of the engineering disciplines involved in the original design, which necessitates attendance at the site for periods of varying duration during construction, this should be reflected in the Category 5 scope of services.

* See the APEGGA Guideline C Review During Construction on Building Projects


This category consists of supplying resident staff on the project to provide specific services described in the scope of assignment. The services usually include activities which are designed to assist the Consultant in administering the contract and in determining if the work is being performed in accordance with the contract documents. Resident services may include items such as:

  1. Survey layout and construction staking where this is not a Contractor responsibility or alternatively checking construction staking done by others;

  2. Quantity and quality measurement and records;

  3. Processing approvals for and recording all design changes during construction for the preparation of as-built drawings.

  4. Materials testing, quality control and review for conformance with the drawings and specifications and communications with:

the Contractor regarding deficiencies in the work,

— the Consultant representative responsible for Contract Administration and Review During  Construction,

— the Client regarding matters of direct interest or concern,

  5. Field resolution of construction problems and administration of extra work in consultation with the Client representative.

The services described above do not include the direction of Contractor personnel in methods, scheduling or equipment selection except as may be specifically prescribed in the contract documents, since these are normally a Contractor responsibility.



The services in this Category vary in scope and detail according to the needs of the Client and should be described in the scope of the assignment. The commissioning function on some projects for example extends form the concept stage through the whole project including the warranty period. Other services which are commonly used in the building construction industry may require special expertise not available in a Prime Consultant's organization.

They include but are not limited to:

*1. Commissioning and start-up assistance

  2. Preparation of Operating and Maintenance Manuals (this may be included in Category 4 Services for building systems of relatively low complexity).

  3. Preparation of record drawings

  4. Consultation on special problems during warranty period

  5. Project Management Services

  6. Project Analysis Services

a) Programming

b) Financial Analysis

c) Operational Programming

  7. Promotional Services

  8. Special Services on Construction Management Projects

  9. Alternative Designs requested by the Client following completion of a normal design process in which various alternate materials and layouts are considered.

  10. Redesign arising from circumstances beyond the Consultant's control.

  11. Technical specialist input including any special services involved in the coordination of specialist subconsultants.

  12. Preparation of more than one tender package on the same project and assisting the Client in tendering.

  13. Preparation of project history and evaluation report including recommendations for similar projects in future.

  *See APEGGA Guideline on Commissioning

  See Appendix C for a more detailed description of the above special services.


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