Appendix C
The Mentoring Contract

A Mentoring Contract









I/we have both read the APEGGA Mentoring Guideline and/or other mentoring guides, and have a good understanding of the strengths and limitations of any mentoring relationship.

We will respect each others’ confidence and those of our employers, as required by the Code of Ethics. We will be open and forthright with each other.

We will work towards these specific objectives: (attach list as required)

with the following goals (as appropriate)

We will meet every (eg. second Friday) on the following schedule (noon, Sept – June, etc.) for {period of weeks/months/years}.


We will review our progress ______________________

In the event that our personal or employment circumstances change, we will review this contract firstly to investigate its continuation.

In the event one of us remains out of contact without explanation, for longer than ______ weeks, the relationship is voided and this contract will expire.

We have discussed this relationship with our supervisors and our families, and have their support and approval.

Dated: _____________________________

Protege's Signature _________________________ Mentor's Signature_____________________________

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