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This publication is intended as a specific study document for geologists and geophysicists writing the APEGGA Professional Practice Examination. As such, the first edition was approved by the Board of Examiners in June 1985, and approved by the Council of APEGGA in October 1985 as an official APEGGA document for general distribution.

The second edition is basically an update of the first. In Chapter 1 some comments about terms "earth science" and "geoscience" have been added, and Engineering Geophysics has been included as a branch of geophysics. The history of the Alberta legislation, Chapter 2 has been updated to include discussion of CSEG/CSPG/APEGGA Liaison committee activities. In Chapter 3, the last section on registration in other Canadian jurisdictions has been expanded to cover developments in Newfoundland, Yukon, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Quebec. The main changes in Chapter 4 on registration concern changes in legislation (awaiting government approval as of March 1990) to reflect raised entry standards to the examination route and a discussion of the development of revised geology and geophysics examination syllabi.

In Chapter 5, Professional Practice, the section on ethics has been revised to refer to the APEGGA 1987 Code of Ethics and the 1989 Manual of Professional Practice under the Code. Articles by David T. Irving, P. Eng. and James R. Dunn, CPG have been added. Chapter 6 and 7 reflect a general updating; the discussion on registration in the USA covers legislation for five additional states that now have geologist registration boards. There is no Chapter 8 in this edition.

Applicants for registration as Professional Geologists and Professional Geophysicists are reminded that there are also other references for the Professional Practice Examination, and that the syllabus includes topics additional to what is contained in this publication. Examples are:

o the Act, Regulations and Bylaws;

o the role of the engineer, geologist and geophysicist in society;

o public responsibility, discipline;

o occupational health and safety, workers' compensation;

o law and professional liability;

o contracts: formation, grounds upon which a contract may be impeached, interpretation, discharge, breach, specific types; and

o the engineer, geologist and geophysicist as an expert witness.

Complete details are contained in the information sheet: "Instructions for Candidates".

The editor wishes to thank those members whose writings contributed to this publication, who reviewed the original draft manuscript and provided valuable comments: Roy Lindseth, P. Geoph., Jack Browning, P. Geol., Gordon Williams, P. Geol., Peter Gordy, P. Geol., George Woollett, P. Geol., and Jim Hume, P. Geoph. Thanks also to John Wolfe, Executive Secretary, California State Board of Registration for Geologists and Geophysicists who reviewed Chapter 7; to the Canadian Societies of Exploration Geophysicists and Petroleum Geologists; and to the several Canadian and American organizations and individuals who gave their kind permission to reprint or utilize articles and other documents. Finally, but not lastly, my appreciation to Sharon Lindgren, Barbara Robinson and Zena Allen of APEGGA staff who typed and formatted this second edition on the Association's recently acquired desk top publishing equipment.

Comments should be forwarded to:

Association of Professional Engineers,
Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta
15th Floor, Tower One, Scotia Place
10060 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
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