APEGGA Reaches Out

In addition to regulating the engineering and geoscience professions in Alberta, The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) also reaches out to the community through its communications activities and special events, awards and scholarships programs, and student outreach activities.

APEGGA and its members recognize that engineering, science and technology are important to Canada's future and in competing in world markets; that to succeed in the future, we need to employ science and technology today.

To this end, the Association and its members are working with Alberta universities, industry and government to help ensure the value of science and technology, and the impact of engineering, geology and geophysics on the lives of Albertans, is understood and appreciated.

By bringing attention to its professions through these activities and programs, APEGGA encourages and nurtures an interest in science and technology in students at an early age.

In the classroom, in the community

Teachers can contact APEGGA to request help:

The Association also sponsors Science Olympics competitions and math contests, participates in regional science fairs, and provides nearly $75,000 annually in educational awards and scholarships so that students can pursue post-secondary studies in engineering, geology and geophysics.

Advertising in magazines and newspapers also promotes awareness of the contributions to society made by APEGGA professionals, and augments advances in science literacy in our province.

In addition, APEGGA is working with school boards to design curriculum-related teaching aids and promote enthusiasm in the teaching of science and math within the school system. Each year fourteen Alberta educators are recognized by the Association, through its Teacher Awards Program, for their excellence in science and math education.

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